Losing weight is never easy. You could find yourself going on lots of diets and sticking with those diets but still, not losing. You could even try some intense exercise workout programs but might not get any results from it. You might even have already cut down on your calories and eating extremely healthy. I’m sure at this point you’re getting frustrated. Why can’t you lose weight? What could you possibly be doing wrong?

Check out these 10 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Losing Weight

10. You’re stressed out
Stress can cause you to have a lot of health problems both physically and mentally. It’s important that when you’re trying to lose weight you remain focused and disciplined plus stress free. When you start to stress out about not losing weight it can set you back and cause a lot of discouragement. Try to think positive about losing weight. Mediate and pray some more. Know that you can do it. Let the stress go. Try to avoid becoming obsessed with weight loss because that can also cause a lot of stress.



9. Write down what you eat and drink
Most people know that writing down what you eat is important. However, what a lot of people tend to do including myself is forgetting to write down also what you drink. This even includes whenever you have some water. Write down each diet coke you might have or even a cup of coffee. Almost all drinks have calories in them and that’s why it’s important for you to keep track of what you drink.



8. Eating on an empty stomach
Eating on an empty stomach is never a good idea. You might overeat. Maybe you’re just busy and forget to eat. Set reminders so you can eat properly. Never let yourself get extremely hungry. Often times we don’t feel full until around 20 minutes or later and that’s why it’s so easy for us to overeat. Pace yourself when you’re eating to avoid eating too much. Exercising on an empty stomach can be just as bad for you.



7. Avoid the toppings on your food
Having salad can be great but sometimes the dressings and toppings that you put on it can make it hard for you to lose weight. Bread crumbs is one example of a high calorie item that you need to avoid in your salad. There are also plenty of high calorie salad dressings. Ketchup and mayonnaise is something else that you want to watch your intake on. Don’t forget to also write down the toppings that you have daily.



6. You might be skipping out on some essential food groups
It’s important to have a diet that’s healthy and balanced and include all of the essential food groups. This means that you need to have a balance of dairy and protein but that also includes having some fat. You don’t want to completely get rid of the fat that’s in your diet. You also need to balance your protein and fiber. Having too much protein or fiber is also not very good.



5. You could be eating too many healthy food items
Again, it’s all about balancing everything out properly. It’s good to have health snacks such as almonds or vegetables but it’s important to balance how much you eat of them. If you’re use to having a candy bar replace it with a nutrition bar instead of having a handful of almonds. Have some almonds regularly but you don’t want to eat those throughout the day as it could still leave you feeling hungry and not satisfied.




4. Try to prepare your own meals more often
Its nice eating out at a restaurant sometimes but when you eat out you could end up overeating without even realizing it. Sometimes they don’t tell you all of the food ingredients listed in what you’re getting. When you’re preparing your own meals you know exactly what goes in them. You can make fresh food and can write down all of what you put in your meal without worrying about any secret ingredients that could be in it. Restaurants also tend to use a lot of oil plus salt in their food. You can easily limit your salt and oil intake when you prepare your own food.



3. Balance your workouts and make them count
Cardio workouts can be great for helping to prevent any type of cardiovascular disease and with keeping your heart healthy. However, you just don’t want to do cardio workouts. You need to balance everything including your exercises. You need to look into exercises that also burn belly fat and do strength training. Later you might also want to have an intense workout program that includes a variety of exercises to help you with losing weight. This is why weight loss videos might be the best thing for you to do so that way you know you’re balancing everything out properly.



2. You might not be getting enough sleep
Recent studies show that people who sleep less than 7 or 6 hours have a higher chance of gaining weight instead of losing it. When you deprive your body of sleep it can affect the way your body is able to communicate with your appetite. Not getting enough sleep also causes your energy to drop and you might find it harder to work out. Lack of sleep can also cause problems with staying motivated during the day and could make it harder to stay focused on your weight loss goals.



1. Stop being negative and stay positive
Being negative can cause you to never achieve your weight loss goals. It can also add in even more stress and as mentioned, stress can cause you to not lose weight. Think positive about your weight loss goals. Make some goals that you know that you can achieve and lose weight in tiny steps. Write down positive weight loss affirmations and put them around your home and office. This will help you to stay positive throughout the day and say them out loud whenever you start to feel negative or get discouraged.



If you find yourself still having problems with weight loss then you might want to talk with your doctor. It could also be a sign of having some health issues. Just remember, be patient, stay positive and know that you can do it if you really focus and put your mind to it.