When you hear the word psychopath you might think of the villains in movies such as Anton Chigurh, John Doe and of course the most famous one is the Joker. Another famous psychopath was Hannibal Lecter. The one thing to remember about Hollywood is that they don’t always get the facts straight about psychopaths. However, they are still extremely scary regardless as to what facts may or may not be correct. A couple of the reasons as to why is because they don’t feel any guilt over what they do and can be very impulsive. Often times, they might not even care about what happens to them.

Check out these 10 Insane Facts About Psychopaths

10. Psychopaths don’t feel emotions
True psychopaths don’t feel anything at all. They don’t get stressed out about any situation that happens. They don’t feel disappointment. Let’s say you’re overwhelmed with work or having a time of many disappointments and feel stressed out. A psychopath would not feel anything. They don’t become anxious like most people do. Psychopaths don’t feel any emotions at all and that’s another reason as to why they can become very dangerous. Due to the fact that they don’t feel like we normally do some psychopaths can even make more money because of it.



9. Psychopaths offer to help faster than normal people
Crazy enough, for some reason a psychopath doesn’t mind helping other people in need. In fact, they can help people out more than the people who are normal. Just because they volunteer to help out does not mean that they are going to do anything crazy to that person. Considering the fact that they can’t feel anything who knows as to why they might be the first ones to help out.



8. Psychopaths tend to wet the bed as children
Some psychiatrists have done studies and have been able to identify psychopaths at a young age. Studies show that if a child wets the bed after 5 years of age there is a high chance the child might become a psychopath. There is still ongoing research to help with learning more as to why a psychopath might wet their bed. One possible reason is that they just get lazy and simply don’t care if they wet the bed. This is not saying that all children who wet the bed after 5 years of age might be a psychopath. Some of them might wet the bed just due to health problems or other issues going on.

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7. Psychopaths like to manipulate people
Most psychopaths like to manipulate people and end up being a serial killer or either end up being in jail for some crazy crime that they did. The reason why is because of dopamine. This is the center in our brain that acts as the reward center. It’s because of this center that we might eat food like chocolate or even fall in love with someone.



6. A Psychopath might end up in jail with a very harsh sentence
When a person is diagnosed as a psychopath they often times receive a harsher sentence in jail then most normal people. Often times it’s also because of the fact that a psychopath might do extreme crimes or killings. When they rob a place, they might do it in a very violent way compared to most normal robbers. Another reason as to why they might end up in jail for a longer period of time is because they will not show any remorse for what they did and often times tend to brag about the crime that they committed.



5. Oddly enough, psychopaths tend to succeed in the business world
The reason why a psychopath might succeed in the business world is because most can be good with money. However, that might about the only good trait that they have. They might manipulate their way to the top and end up becoming a horrible leader. In the end, they could even cause the company to go bankrupt or fail. They don’t feel anything and might even lack the motivation it takes for the company to become successful. They often times won’t get along with other people that work with them and won’t be a good team leader.

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4. Psychopaths don’t come up with any goals about their future
Psychopaths don’t care about the future. They don’t make any goals or plans to help them with having a better future. They might be committed to something for a moment but then in time they might not be committed. They might even also appear to be organized which could cause them to become successful in the business world. However, they just won’t make any goals for themselves nor for whatever job they might be doing.


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3. Psychopaths cannot feel fear
It’s bad enough that they don’t feel any emotions but something else a psychopath might not feel is fear. They will not even show fear on their face because they don’t feel it. Their face could even often times look expressionless. This is also another reason as to why they might become a serial killer. They are not afraid of killing nor do they care about what the other person might be feeling as they are killing them.



2. A Psychopath might save a life
It’s extremely interesting that even though psychopaths might become serial killers or do horrible crimes, they could actually end up saving a life. When it comes to situations that might be knife edging or require a lot of strength such as saving someone, a psychopath might jump in and do it. Again, part of this also has to do with the fact that they have no fear and they don’t have any emotions. To them, saving someone’s life might not even matter.



1. Psychopaths cannot smell properly
One of the most insane facts about psychopaths is that they cannot smell properly. They cannot identify most aromas like normal humans. Often times they could end up even being smelly because they cannot smell themselves. They only stink to the ones around them. They don’t shower for days because they think they smell fine. A psychopath can be very cunning and might work out of a lie detection test but they fail miserably at any smell test.



A couple of other traits include having recognizable patterns with their speech and might even possibly be that troll everyone dreads on the net. If you’re worried that your child might become a psychopath or that you might know someone who could be one, talk with a psychiatrist about it and give them as many details as possible. A psychiatrist might be able to step in and help before it’s too late.