Most of us have a decent amount of knowledge about stuff. However, when it comes to random or often times useless information we don’t pay attention to it and when this happens we believe whatever gets thrown our way without taking too much time to think about it. Some of these crazy facts will shock you, so prepare yourself.

10 Random Crazy Facts People Get Wrong

10. The moon drifts farther away from Earth each year
Each year the moon drifts farther away from Earth. It drifts exactly 1.5 inches away. Some people do not believe that the moon is drifting away because it will take billions of years before the Earth is really affected due to the speed of the moon. A lot of people take the moon for granted but perhaps we should be more grateful for it.


9. Antibiotics work mainly for bacterial infections not viruses
Antibiotics can help with healing bacterial infections and many other things but one thing that they don’t do is fight off viruses. Antibiotics won’t make you feel better and they won’t help you with being able to get back to work any faster. The best thing for a virus is to first see your doctor, confirm it’s a virus then get plenty of rest and drink a lot of liquids. This also means that most antibiotics won’t help colds or the common cough. Checking in with your doctor is really the best thing for you to do whenever you are sick.


8. Many people lived in America before Christopher Columbus discovered it
It is a fact that Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean in 1492 but he was not the one who actually discovered America. Some history books even claim that he is the one who discovered it. Surprisingly enough, a lot of people give credit to two Spanish brothers known as the Pinzons for discovering America. The brothers also helped Columbus to get back home to Europe. Once they made it back home they had a falling out with Columbus because he did mention them in his book of travels and they are now known as “The Forgotten Brothers”.


7. The graham cracker was named after the Reverend Sylvester Graham
The graham cracker did not get its name from just anyone. It was named after the Reverend Sylvester Graham who was known for inventing the graham flour plus the graham cracker. He was also known as an American Dietary Reformer. His recipe for the graham bread first appeared in the New Hydropathic Cookbook in 1855. It was a bread free from all chemical additives like chlorine and alum. He believed that when you added in chemical additives to the bread it made the bread come out unwholesome.


6. If Facebook was a country it would be the world’s third largest country
Did you know that Facebook has over 1 billion users today? This means that if Facebook was a country then it would be the world’s 3rd biggest country. In a way, Facebook really is its own country on the web. It’s amazing how many people from all over the world use Facebook and now, a lot of companies and celebrities use Facebook. Another thing that’s amazing about Facebook was that it was just invented back in 2004 and has grown a lot since it was invented. They continue to make changes and work hard with improving it. Still amazing though that it would be the world’s third largest country today if it wasn’t online. Most people have no idea that FB has that many users.


5. Elephants can die from a broken heart
One thing that you might not know about elephants is that they can die from a broken heart. Some people believe that elephants don’t feel or have any emotions but that’s not true. They can die from a broken heart and even more so if they are young and they get separated from their mother or if they are separated from the social group.


4. Strawberries aren’t berries but a banana is
Here’s two facts rolled into one. A strawberry isn’t a berry but what’s even more bizarre is that a banana is a berry. Say what?! Yes. Bananas are berries and not fruits. Berries by definition technology are produced from single seeds. Keep in mind that berries are fruits fleshy produced from single ovaries. The pericarp of berries often times have tough skin and fleshy.


3. Octopuses have three hearts
Octopuses have three hearts, two eyes and four pairs of arms. Many just assume that the octopus has just one big heart. A couple of other interesting facts is that octopuses don’t have neither an external skeleton nor an internal skeleton. The octopus lives almost anywhere in the ocean including the ocean floor, pelagic waters and even the coral reef. They have a variety of ways in which they can protect themselves against their predator.


2. A forest fire moves faster when going uphill than when going downhill
Naturally people would think that a fire would move faster going downhill but that’s not true. A forest fire moves faster when it’s going uphill. Keep in mind that three things are needed in order to keep the fire going and that is fuel, oxygen and heat. When it travels uphill the level of heat is at its highest and the oxygen is more available so therefore, the fire can travel much faster than downhill.


1. Nintendo first started out as a trading card company
When people think of Nintendo they first think of it as an electronics company. However, it did not start off as an electronic company. They first wanted to go into the card business but then that quickly changed. Back in 1889 was when the company was founded as a card company. The company still continues to make cards to this day but that’s not its main focus.


When you get told something that sounds totally crazy and insane, it still could end up being true. Always do your research when you’re told something to confirm as to if it’s true or not true. You might be surprised as to what all you could find while doing the research.