The culture that we live in today is based on fear and with trying to control our life daily. We all become afraid of being uncertain about things in general. Due to this fact we look at things and anticipate that they might go wrong. We try to also put a guard up to help just in case the disaster might occur. The way we live is actually exhausting. It makes everyone sick and tired. It causes us as a society to always repeat the same mistakes over and over again instead of learning from them. Once we can grasp how to overcome this fear that we torment ourselves with daily then you’ll be amazed as to how much better you will feel. Energy will come naturally to you. You’ll experience joy. Things will start changing for you. Letting go of fear can be difficult especially when it’s all you’ve ever known.

Strengthening and building your intuition can help you with letting go of your fears. Strengthening your intuition is important because it’s literally the voice that comes from your soul. It can guide you and save you when you least expect it. Your soul helps you with finding true happiness and can guide you towards healing and being able to manifest all of the dreams that you have in life.

Here are 10 Ways To Strengthen and Build Your Intuition

10. Let go of resistance
First know that you might be resistant to overcoming your fears. Again, you’ve been like this your whole life. You are comfortable with it rather you would like to admit it or not. In life we all get into a hunch sometimes. Your mind might want to argue with what your intuition is telling you to do instead of going with the flow of things. Release all of the resistance that you have. Doing this can even help with saving your life one day.

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9. Work on observing people and strengthening your empathy gifts
Observe and look at the people around you. Try to feel them before you start to talk with them. Watch their movements and facial expressions. You can gather up a lot of information by just observing them. What’s so great about this is that they won’t even know that you’re trying to observe them. This can help with also improving your communication skills with them. You’ll start to feel more at peace with them the better you understand them.


8. Start feeling more instead of thinking
Our minds tend to think and chatter nonstop. We can argue with ourselves like some kind of crazy person. However, one thing to keep in mind is that intuition does not think, instead it feels. In order to calm your mind, meditate. Try and relax. Listen to music that can calm your mind. Try to differentiate between what you’re feeling or thinking and meditation can also help you decide between the two.


7. Listen to the first idea that comes to your mind
The very first thing that comes to your mind often times is what your intuition is telling you. Any thoughts that might follow afterwards could just be your logical mind at work with trying to provide answers that might be rational or expected instead of going with your first answer. You may receive images and sometimes even symbols in your mind. You don’t always receive words or messages. Write down what comes to your mind first so that way you can look back and reflect to it later. Don’t back down from what your first thought tells you. Follow through and go with it.


6. Get away from the daily routine that you’ve developed
Breaking away from your daily routine can be difficult. However, it’s important to do because it can re-energize us. Slow down some and know you don’t have to do everything at once. Take a break. Spend one day in just surroundings that might be new and don’t plan anything. You don’t have to do this daily but try doing this at least once a week. A break can help you with building your intuition and it can relax you. Daily routines can be extremely stressful.


5. Learn from your past
Review the experiences you’ve had in life which might be negative. Reviewing a recent negative experience can be good. Think back to the feelings that you might have had at first warning you to stay away from the situation. Your gut feeling might have been telling you that things were not just right. Maybe you had a vision or either a dream. Try to exam and go over how you felt about everything and review the details as to what all happened. Figure out why you didn’t go with your gut feeling. Trusting your gut feeling will help with preventing these types of mistakes from happening again in the future.


4. Don’t be afraid to test out your intuition
Put your intuition to the test to see how good you listen to it. Maybe you have a gut feeling that the weather might be stormy despite what the forecast says. Take your umbrella with you and be ready for it just in case. Write down whatever you might feel and see what happens. If you’re watching sports and have a gut feeling that a certain team might win before it starts, write it down and see what unfolds.


3. Start getting creative
When you’re creative it helps with quieting your cognitive mind. This allows for your intuition to become alive. You can become creative in many ways. If you don’t feel you’re a creative person then start out with simply just coloring or journaling. Scrap booking is also fun. There are many simple ways to be creative to help with relaxing your mind. When your intuition starts speaking to you, again write your thoughts down and review them later after you’ve finished what you’re doing.

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2. Say affirmations throughout the day
Saying affirmations can help with your mind becoming more focused. They also help you to relax. Affirmations have a way of tapping into the subconscious part of your mind. Say affirmations about your intuition. I trust my intuition daily. My intuition is accurate consistently. I trust the abilities that I have. These are just some affirmations that you can say to help with building your intuition.

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1. Become still and meditate
The number one way of being able to build and strengthen your intuition is simply with becoming still and meditating. Meditation can help you with being able to hear what you need or either will allow you to see the images that you need to see in order to come up with what you need. You can meditate throughout the day. Take deep breaths. Deep breathing also helps you to meditate better. When you receive the answers needed, say positive affirmations about them.




Don’t become stressed out if you find out you’re not listening to your intuition correctly. Just start to meditate more, learn from your mistakes and practice. The more you practice and the more you follow through with things, the more your confidence will build and in time, it’ll get easier.