Saving $5 per day might not sound like a lot but let’s stop and think about it realistically for a moment. Imagine if you saved $5 every day for one month. This would equal to exactly $150 in savings for that month. Now, let’s take that figure and do it for the year. 150 x 12 months would be exactly $1,800 dollars you would end up saving. Do you want to go on a dream vacation but might not have enough money? What about that car you’ve been eying but know you can’t afford it right now? In many ways it’s all about taking baby steps to get the things that you want but also to have a long term goal to help with getting yourself there.

Check out these 10 Ways To Save 5 Dollars Per Day

10. Plan your week out daily and write lists each morning
On Monday’s get into the habit of doing a quick review of your week and what’s going to be happening. Write down what you plan on doing during the week and how much it will cost you. Read the newspaper and check for coupons to help on your savings for the week. Each morning write a list of what you know for sure will be happening and check the newspaper again for more savings. You might be surprised as to how many coupons and savings you can find in your local newspaper. Before you go shopping write down your list and come up with a budget and stick with it. Have a goal with saving at least $5 each time you go shopping or do things by using coupons.


9. Review your hobbies and monetize them
Hobbies can get expensive regardless of what kind of hobby you might have. Sure, it could be something simple like arts and crafts but you might find yourself going to the store and blowing hundreds of dollars on your hobby. First, start with figuring out how you cut down on your savings with your hobby then see how you can turn your hobby into money. Maybe sale some arts and crafts you do online or at a local flea market. This is something you can do daily. If you love makeup; look into becoming a makeup representative.


8. Drink water instead of soft drinks or other expensive drinks
Drinking water is not only healthy for you but it helps you to save money. When you go out to eat instead of ordering coke have some water instead. Often times you’ll find that most places will give you water for free. It’s also important to drink water because it hydrates you naturally. Drinking coke and other drinks might make you gain weight where drinking water prevents it.


7. Start treating yourself at home instead of going out
Each day give yourself a special treat at home for free instead of going out. It will refresh you and you have a better chance of saving money when you go out if you give yourself a treat each day. What I mean with a treat is maybe watch a movie or play a game. Do something at least once a day that you enjoy doing that you believe is a treat. When you don’t give yourself a treat daily this might cause you to binge when you go out and blow a lot more money.


6. Get in the habit of doing things more at home in general instead of going out
What I mean is, instead of going to the gym; get into the habit of doing a workout at home. You don’t need to have gym equipment in order to get a good workout. This is not the only thing that you can do at home. Start eating at home more instead of going out to eat. Invite your friends over instead of going out with them. Daily see what you can do at home instead of going out to help with saving money.


5. Reduce your utility bills
You can daily reduce your utility bills. During the summer instead of having the air conditioning on use fans instead. Get into the habit of turning off your lights when you leave the room even if you’re going to be gone for just a few minutes. Call the utility companies and see if there’s others ways you might be able to reduce your bill or see if they have specials going on to help with lowering your bill. Sometimes they don’t always make the deals known to the general public.


4. Review your driving techniques
Did you know that when you drive slow it can help with saving gas? When you drive slow you avoid hitting the break often and the accelerator. Using cruise control can also help with your gas mileage. Get into the habit of getting ready early so that way you won’t be in a rush when you’re going out. This might even mean you have to wake up earlier than normal but think of the money you’ll be saving.


3. Make your tea or coffee at home
Buying a cup of coffee every day at Starbucks or either tea can become expensive. Instead, get into the habit of fixing a mug of it before you leave. If you really want to save get into the habit of drinking tea more instead of coffee. Tea doesn’t cost as much and there’s also a lot of benefits to drinking tea. If you’re always on the go and might not have very much time to make your coffee then I recommend buying a Keurig that makes it fast.


2. Think about things before you buy them
When you’re about to buy something think about it first and don’t be in the rush to buy it. Sometimes buying it right away might even make you spend more than if you would have thought about it first. There are times when deals even happen later on when something has been out. Don’t put it in your cart right away. If you decide you want it and it’s not there when you go back then maybe you weren’t meant to have it anyway.


1. Meditate daily and see yourself saving $5 dollars each day
Think positive about your future. See yourself saving $5 per day and this can be done with meditation and visualization. When you meditate see yourself finding special discounts and coupons daily. Ways to save will start coming to you naturally. Say positive affirmations daily as well about savings and in time, you’ll be amazed at how things change.


These might not be ground breaking ideas but if you put them into practice you’ll be amazed at the money you save daily and might even save over $5 per day.