There are a number of insane practices and standards that are used in the movie industry. Most of these practices are so insane that you will be forced to rethink your definition of insanity. Here are the 10 facts you should know about the industry.


  1. Haggling Theaters

Almost all theaters haggle over movies on a weekly basis. It might sound like a hoax, but it is a fact that most of the theaters do not about the movies they are going to get. Most of them get to know about them on a week’s notice. There are also a number of heated up arguments between on the genre of movies each theater is going to manage.

  1. Food Pricing

The food pricing is one of the main mechanisms from which the theaters earn their money. It has been reported that the profits for them don’t start coming in for the first week and if the movie is a flop, they are forced to take a hit. So the next time you don’t buy food at these places, you will directly hurt their profits.

  1. Trailers

Most of the movie trailers that are released these days are designed to trick you. The movie “After Earth” was applauded at the time when the trailer was released. However, things changed when people actually saw the movie. It was panned by the critics as well by millions who wasted their time on it only because it had an amazing trailer.

  1. Projectionists are dead

In the olden days, the job of the projectionist was considered to be one of the most demanding jobs on earth. However, in the present times, the job is almost dead. The credit goes to the digital revolution that has stolen from us all the small dots and irregularities that used to appear after 20 to 30 minutes in a movie. It was the time when the projectionist used to change the films.

  1. Real IMAX

If you have an experience of watching movies on real IMAX, you might have been blown out of your mind. For those who think that real IMAX is nothing real, think again. The audio and video quality is far better and superior than what you might get on DVDS and Blu-Rays.

  1. 3D is better

3D movies are still better and way more real than anything your parents or grandparents might have seen. Some of them still favor the old formats primarily because of their regressive tendencies for the good old days. However, the Y and Z Generation does not think in the same way.

  1. 3D is Old

It is a fact that 3D is not a new thing. It has been around for decades now in different forms. It has been reported that the first 3D picture had been released in 1922.

  1. Copy Cats

Hollywood does make the same movies and films over and over again. There might be some minor changes in the story line but you should know that that the movie industry is in the habit of making money by making some minor changes on old projects over and over again.

  1. Some Moves take forever

Filming is not something that you can come up with in a few months. It can take a lot of time and effort. There are a number of directors who are known for spending years and years on movies including Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg and many others.

  1. Production Values

There are a number of amazing and great movies out there. You might not have heard about most of them primarily because they had low production value. However, there are also a number of crappy movies that are made with the sole purpose of getting a space in the ledger.