The year 2016 is a very important year for NFL fans. The reason why is because the Super Bowl will be celebrating their 50th anniversary. The Super Bowl Half Time show is something that many people wait for and will watch the NFL to see the performance. . Many magical moments can happen during the half time show. My dad asked mom to marry him during the NFL half time show many years ago. This is another reason as to why many people hang out for the show. They are hoping for that magical moment to happen to them. Right now we don’t know who will be performing during the NFL super bowl half time show. However, there are plenty of singers who we want to see in 2016 and anytime!

Check out these 10 Singers We Want To See During The Super Bowl Half Time Show and share it on Facebook if you agree with at least one of them.

10. Lady Gaga
It should come as no to surprise for you all to see Lady Gaga on the list. Her genre of music varies anywhere from rock to pop. She blew everyone away with her performance at the Oscar’s in 2015 with her singing the Sound of Music. I am sure that if she shows up at the super bowl half time show we are in for a treat.

9. Foo Fighters
If you have never listened to the Foo Fighters before then you should check them out. The Foo Fighters tend to be more known for their rock music. They formed together in the year 1994 in Seattle. In 2000 the Foo Fighters received a Grammy Award for their song Learn To Fly. Since then, they have won ten other awards including four Grammy awards. In 2011 MTV even awarded them the Best Rock Video for their song “Walk”. They continue to gain popularity to this day.

8. The Rolling Stones
I don’t think The Rolling Stones needs much of an introduction. They are a blues and rock band. They formed their band in London back in the year 1962. They started to become popular in the USA between the years 1964 and 65. Between the years 1968-1972 is known as their Golden Age. However, some people believe that they are still in their Golden Age and continue to be a favorite rock band among many.

7. Katy Perry
Katy Perry is actually known and in the books. If you were watching the Half Time Show in February 2015 you would have seen her performance. This is another reason as to why people suspect that she might be at the performance in 2016. I must admit that one of my favorite parts during the performance was seeing Missy Elliot. Katy Perry’s music falls more into the pop genre.

6. Garth Brooks
I don’t mind country music. However, I am very picky with it. I have always admired Garth Brooks. One of my favorite songs that he does is Standing Outside The Fire. I also wouldn’t mind seeing The Dixie Chicks, Trisha Yearwood, Carrie Underwood, Alabama or Tracy Byrd. Many of them have songs that would be perfect for the NFL Super bowl Halftime.

5. One Direction
Believe it or not, One Direction is the only band that’s earned more than Timberlake. If you watch The One Direction Story, you’ll quickly discover that the cast of One Direction currently doesn’t look like them. The good news is that Zayn is back with One Direction. Everyone missed Zayn. Some fans might even be feeling bewildered when they watch it. A favorite song of mine from One Direction is “What Makes You Beautiful”.

4. Queen
I will admit that Queen is not the same with Freddie Mercury being gone but they are still awesome. The band formed together originally back in 1970. Their work at the beginning tended to be a mix of heavy metal, hard rock and progressive rock. Later on they tended to venture into pop rock and arena rock. In the year 2001, Queen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They have for sure earned that spot.

3. Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons is another band with their genre being a mix of Pop music, Indie pop and Alternative rock. They have several favorite hits such as “Roots”, “Demons” “I Bet My Life” and “Radio Active”. Their band formed together in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have received two American Music Awards and a Grammy Award for having the Best Rock Performance. The year 2014 was a very successful year for them, including being part of the Top Artist of the year for 2014.

2. Taylor Swift
We all know that Taylor Swift is known for her country and pop music. Right now I want to take this moment to say something that she just did and why I hope she is at the NFL Super Bowl Time Show in 2016. Taylor Swift has earned even more respect from people as she donated $50,000 to a family that has a baby with cancer. She is known for surprising her fans with some incredibly nice gifts and gestures. Some fans call her “Swiftmas”. She donated the money to Toshi Davidson’s family when he announced that his 13 month old nephew Ayden had cancer. They are running many tests to see how far the cancer has spread. They put a GoFundMe page up after finding out about his condition and that’s where she donated the money.

1. Metallica
The number one spot was hard to pick. It was a tossup between Eminem, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Pearl Jam and Ozzy Osbourne. Any of those would be great at the NFL half time show. Metallica is known for their Thrash metal, heavy metal and rock music. I don’t think Metallica is another one that needs much introduction either.

I am sure that whomever makes it to the half time show in 2016 for their 50th anniversary that it will be an awesome show!