Halloween is the start of the holiday season and feasting. If you’re trying to watch your weight it can be extremely hard and perhaps, one of the scariest parts of Halloween. Most of the candy has lots of sugar in it unless if you eat some of the sugar free candy and even then, you are still faced with some carbs from the sugar.

Perhaps one of the most dangerous Halloween candies is the fun size candy bars. They always seem harmless but often times we all have a hard time limiting how much we have with them. Before you know it, you’ve had about 3 or 4 of them in one go which might equal to one full sized candy bar.
Did you know that it only takes just 100 extra calories in one day before the weight starts to come back on? This is the equivalent of one of those one sized snack bars and that’s why they are so dangerous.

If you’re trying to lose weight during the holiday season then check out these 10 Ways To Lose Weight During Halloween. Hopefully these tips will help you.

10. Write down what you eat
This might be time consuming but it could end up helping you with your weight loss. Each time you have a snack or if you have some Halloween candy write down how much you eat. Write down the time you had it and how many calories each one had. This will really help you with monitoring how much you eat during the season.



9. Workout in the mornings
If you’re able to workout at least 2 or 3 times a week in the morning then this will also help with keeping the weight off and losing some. You don’t have to work out every day but if you can try to do it for at least two or three times per week for 20 minutes at the minimum then you will feel better.



8. Don’t change your sleep pattern
During the holiday season and more so on Halloween, you might be tempted to stay up very late eating candy. However, this might even make you gain more weight and could cause depression. If you’re going to a Halloween party plan on being back home by a certain time that will allow you to get the 8 hours of sleep that you need.



7. Chew Sugar free Gum
I don’t know about you but during this time I tend to want to snack on stuff just because everyone else is doing it. I might not even be hungry. One trick I have found to avoid having candy is to chew gum. The one thing that you need to watch out for is that even gum has sugar. It doesn’t have as much as candy or chocolate bars but it all adds up. I recommend chewing sugar free gum.


6. Plan ahead with making vegetable snacks
If you’re going to a party or out for the evening, plan ahead and make some easy vegetable snacks. Take a few of them to pass around. There are lots of ways to even make vegetables look scary during Halloween time.



5. Avoid high calorie drinks such as hot chocolate or soda
During the month of October the evenings start to cool down. You might come back home wearing a coat and think it’s time for some hot chocolate. I know that hot chocolate often times is perfect with chocolate candy but that’s double the calories. Instead of going for a soda drink or hot chocolate, try flavored water, tea, or even warm milk.


4. Make sure it’s hard to reach the candy jar
When you can easily reach the candy jar it can be tempting to eat a lot. Studies show that if you move the candy jar to a different location that’s hard to reach then you more than likely won’t try to have some candy. Put it on top of the frig or in some area that makes it difficult to reach.


3. Leave only one piece of candy out per day
During the day when do you normally start to crave sweets and chocolate? Pick the time you crave or might want it the most and just have only one piece of candy per day. Make sure that you put the candy jar back in an area that’s hard to reach.


2. Buy candy that you might not like much
If you don’t like dark chocolate, buy dark chocolate candy. If you like sugar candy then buy sugar free candy. If you like gummy bears but not the sour ones, then buy sour candy. This way you can share your candy with your friends more plus watch after your weight.


1. Avoid buying candy and replace it with a healthier option
One of the best ways to lose weight is just by completely avoiding buying the candy. Let your friends be the ones to hand out the candy this year. Put a scary bowl of fruit on your table or either a scary bowl of vegetables instead. This way you won’t have to worry about the weight you might gain from that candy at all.


Having a treat sometimes during the holiday season is fine. The main thing is moderation. If you know your limits and don’t go over them then you should be fine. If you aren’t sure talk with your doctor about the diet you should go on during the holiday season. This way you’ll know what you should avoid and that’s safe to eat.