There are times when you realize you don’t have exactly what you need at home. Instead of running to Wal-Mart which is open 24 hours in most places, you find yourself asking others if they have it and would be willing to share. There are things that I would never share with you. Never, ever. Sorry. What if you just got over the flu? What if you have bad fungus on your body and I don’t know about it? There’s a reason why some stores stay open 24 hours.

Check out these 10 Weird Things People Share With Each Other

10. Earbuds
It’s very common for people to share earbuds now. Some people even buy them used just to save some money. However, before sharing earbuds there are a few things that you should know. Studies show that earbuds tend to generate a lot of bacteria in them. If you exercise a lot then the bacteria grows even more. Sharing earbuds can cause staph, strep and many other infections. You can easily by some cheap headphones for around $5 instead of sharing them.



9. Toothbrushes and toothpaste
I know what it’s like being around someone who might never brush their teeth or in need of some toothpaste. If your friend is wanting to use your toothbrush or toothpaste, give them a fresh mint instead. Despite how many times you might rinse your toothbrush bacteria can grow on the bristles. In regards to toothpaste, it can also harbor bacteria. If you need to share your toothpaste avoid touching the tube and wipe it off after every use.



8. ChapStick, Lip Balm, Lipstick or anything for your lips in general
You can easily get bacteria when you share lip balm, lip stick or something else for your lips. Herpes is also a common simplex virus. If you share Chapstick with a friend who has it then you can get infected. The other person might not even have sores on them at that time. It’s best just to buy some new lip balm or lip stick instead of asking your friend for some or sharing.



7. Deodorant
It turns my stomach at the idea of just sharing my deodorant with someone. When a deodorant stick is contaminated it can cause infections and even ingrown hairs. If you find yourself out of deodorant or a friend needs to borrow yours, its best to just give them some rubbing alcohol and soak it up in a cotton ball and let them smell better that way.

Just, no.



6. Nose Clippers
You would never think that a person might ask to borrow someone else’s nose clipper but they do. It is even grosser than asking to borrow deodorant. Bacteria is a very big risk for sharing nose clippers besides the fact it’s just plain out gross. You can also easily get any disease the other person might have. Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes the other person might not even know that they are sick. Just because your friend might look cool doing it or you get the idea that you want to try it out, just simply buy your own first.



5. Flip Flops
Let’s say you’re about to go outside and your feet seem to be very hot and you want to borrow some good old fashion flip flops from your friend. Maybe you and your friends might be going to the lake for the day. Flip flops tend to be one item that’s extremely personal and you should never borrow them. You should also never let your friend borrow them for the shower. They can contain bacteria, fungus and other living germs in the shoe. This is another reason as to why I will never buy second hand flip flops. Don’t even borrow them from a friend just because everyone else is wearing them. Buy your own.



4. Floss
Most people would never think about sharing their floss with others but some people have. A few people even think that sharing floss is one awesome way to save money. However, it almost works the same way as sharing chapstick or something else. If they have herpes or any kind of virus, it can easily be transmitted just by simply sharing the floss. You might end up spending thousands of dollars at the doctor on medications when it’s just cheaper to buy your own floss.

dental floss


3. Towels
I think that towels might just be one of the most commonly known things that people share after they’ve had a shower. The bad news is that towels tend to breed germs. They are hanging in a bathroom that gets damp often. Towels can become contaminated. When this happens then they can easily spread fungal infections and diseases on the skin. It’s better to keep your towel to yourself after a shower.



2. Razors
It doesn’t matter how good a person might clean the razor after they use it, germs can still stay on the razor. Razors tend to collect dead skin cells, which can be mixed with a lot of bacteria in them. This even puts people more at risk for infection. Some diseases in the past which have been transferred by using another person’s razor include HIV and hepatitis.



1. Anything in jars for your face
This includes face cream, Vaseline and even lotion. If you have to dip your hands on it and put it on your face don’t share it with another person. Whenever you dip your fingers in that jar then the jar becomes contaminated with new germs. Bacteria can spread fast this way. You might even want to avoid trying to dip your fingers into the jar just even when you’re using it for yourself so germs won’t contaminate it.



Just be cautious when you’re sharing any kind of product with your friends. You never know what they have and you might not even know what you have.