It can be hard showing someone that you love them. There are times when you’ve done everything that you can do and they still don’t get it. This is when you might possibly have to get unique and very creative with how you can show you love them. Being random, fun and silly is a great way to melt their heart anytime.

Check out these 10 Unusual Ways to Show Love

10. Make a pizza
It might seem weird at first with the idea of just making a pizza. However, I am not talking about just any kind of pizza. I am talking about a special kind of pizza. You can arrange the pizza toppings in the shape of a heart. If you have trouble with putting it out in the shape of the heart then you can also just spell out the words I love you with the pizza toppings. If you are not embarrassed about it you can always get the request personally done at a local pizza joint but it can speak volumes when you do it yourself.


9. Pick a romantic movie and act out your favorite romantic scene in it
There are lots of romantic movies that both guys and women love. Some of the most popular ones include Pretty Woman, The Notebook, Titanic, You’ve Got Mail, The Devil Wears Prada, Sleepless in Seattle and I could go on and on. Act out one of your favorite scenes and see where it goes. The idea might sound crazy at first but you might just be surprised as to how things get steamed up quickly.


8. Teach your animals special tricks just for your lover
If your lover is into animals and has a dog or a special pet that can be easily trained, teach the pet to do special tricks just for your lover. You can surprise them when they come home one day. For example, you can train the pet to retrieve one of his favorite magazines or you can even have it to where the pet might send a rose to your lover in their mouth.


7. Dress up as your partner’s favorite hero or cartoon character
Is your partner really into sports, actresses, actors or cartoons? If they have a favorite one then see what it would take to dress up like their favorite hero. Your partner should be able to easily guess who you are and then afterwards award your partner with being bold. Let your partner undress you and have some fun in the bedroom after they have figured out who you might be. Don’t make it to difficult for them or it could take some of the fun out of it.


6. Give them a manicure and pedicure
Females and some males love manicures and pedicures. Take some time out and do research on how you can give your partner the perfect romantic manicure and pedicure. By the time it’s over your partner should feel completely relaxed and stressed free. If you are uncomfortable with doing this then you can always treat your partner to a day at the spa and join in with them. However, the idea is to impress them and wow them with doing something different.


5. Carve both of your initials in a special tree
First make sure that it’s safe to do this in your area and with a tree that’s on your property. If the two of you have a romantic spot in the yard or a tree that you’re both drawn to often, carve both of your initials in the tree. If you have time you might even want to put a heart around your initials. When they come home this will be a wonderful surprise to them. If you don’t have a tree you can order for someone to do your initials on part of a tree.

md_etsy carved initials birch tree tea light holder by urban forest

4. Hide love notes throughout the home
Let them find random love notes throughout the home. This will surprise them and put a smile on their face. It can be somewhere in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or even in the hall. The love notes don’t have to be long. They can just be simple reminders of your affection and that you really do care for them.


3. Plan a hooky day together
Both of you work hard and you deserve a break. Most couples take days off from work but they might do it separately. Instead, plan a hooky day together. Call it I love you day. Watch romantic movies at home. Plan a few romantic things together but also be random and surprise your partner with a few things that you didn’t plan together.


2. Declare your love in the classifieds
One great way to get your partners attention is by declaring your love in the classifieds. However, it just doesn’t stop there. Take the part of the newspaper where you declare your love, wrap it in a very special bow then put a special note inside saying what page they need to read. You can also write a short poem in the classifieds to really get their attention.


1. Surprise them with going back to where you had your first date
You might be thinking, this doesn’t sound unusual, but it can be depending on how you surprise them. Take them there with a twist. Blindfold them and tell them that they are going somewhere special but don’t take the blindfolds off until you get there. This will make it even more fun and a great surprise. You can tell your partner what things they might can wear or what you’re wearing so they won’t feel embarrassed after they pull up and see it.


Being spontaneous and giving them a random flower on the spot or even a box of chocolates is also a great deal of fun and romantic. Sometimes its best not to even plan anything and that is where the spontaneous romance comes in. Be creative and bold. Don’t let fear stop your romantic side from showing.