Women do many things to stay beautiful. Often times we skip reading the ingredients or might not give it a second thought until later. Some of the ingredients in rejuvenate, moisturizes and makeup to help you with looking young and having that healthy glow might actually tend to be very strange. It’s always important to check the ingredient that’s in your beauty products. If you’re not sure what’s in your beauty products always read the label first. Another thing to remember is to also read the ingredients of them before buying a beauty product for your friend over the holidays.

Check out these 10 Strange Ingredients Found In Beauty Products

10. Placenta
Yes. You read that correctly. Placenta. A lot of companies feel that placenta can help hair that’s damaged. They also say it can repair and strengthen dry hair and even brittle hair. The same companies also say that it won’t change your hair color if you have colored your hair recently. Don’t you just love the idea of human afterbirth being rubbed on your face? Other companies might use pig placenta instead.



9. Wool Wax
Lanolin is found in sheep wool that produces it naturally. It’s a natural repelling water substance and used in beauty products. Lanolin is often times used in beauty products which might be of very high value. It’s too help with chapped skin, provides moisture and soothes dryness. Studies show it does work but I am not sure about rubbing wool wax on me in order to get this effect.

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8. Fish Scales
Have you ever looked at a beauty product and found that it contained guanine? If so, then your beauty product has a material in it that is from fish scales. Guanine is a product that’s used in beauty care products to help with making your hair shimmer and shine. Some products use fish scales to help with sheen. Isn’t it a nice idea knowing that you can now let your hair glow with using fish scales?



7. Egg Whites
I know that egg whites might not seem as gross at first but think about it. Egg whites can be very sticky. However, when they are done right and dried properly they can be used in beauty products. Egg whites won’t look like your breakfast food this is because they are processed in such a way they won’t look like them at all. Sure, egg whites seem to be alright but I would rather leave them as a breakfast food. You can find egg white ingredients in skin firming products due to how they dry so efficiently.



6. Chicken Bone Marrow
You will find that chicken bone marrow is often times used for anti-inflammatory agents. Sometimes you can find these agents in products such as topical skin care. You can find this ingredient in face cream and a variety of moisturizes. I have many questions as to how they actually got that chicken bone marrow and where it is officially from. I think that we will just leave the rest of the questions at that and not ask anymore. However, if you do have inflammatory problems then this ingredient as weird as it might sound could be the thing that helps you.

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5. Hot Pepper Oil
Who would have thought to look for the ingredient hot pepper oil in beauty products? Would you ever use pepper spray all over your face without knowing about it? You are doing this when you see the ingredient hot pepper oil on the cosmetics. You might not know too look for it because it’s actually called Oleoresin Capsicum instead of hot pepper oil.



4. Dead Algae
Dead algae is found in a lot of beauty products such as absorbent powders, deodorant, cuticle creams and are you ready for this? You can even find it in a lot of over the counter toothpastes. It’s also in many household cleaners and in a variety of plastics. The reason why is because it has a mild-exfoliation in it that’s very gentle. Dead algae can also be used in face masks often times.



3. Rust
A lot of women don’t know that that rust is in beauty products. This is because they disguise it as another word known as ferrous oxide. Have you ever picked up a cosmetic bottle that shows pigment brown 6 on it? Maybe even pigment red 101 might be listed as one of the ingredients. Don’t worry because I’ve done the same thing and saw it. The cosmetics get their coloring often times from those ingredients. Many over the counter calamine lotion products also have it.



2. Crushed Beetles
Have you wondered how some of the cosmetics get their crimson red color in their dyes? It comes from them using cochineal beetles. They soak the beetles in hot water then they dry them up and crush them so that way they have the deep red crimson color. They are not in all crimson red color products. However, you can also find them in lipsticks and even hair dyes. The ingredient is not known as crushed beetles but rather called Carmine.



1. Bull Semen
It might turn your stomach but you will find bull semen used in conditioning for the hair. A lot of class salons who happen to be high class started offering this as a special treatment with this ingredient. You know the old saying, sometimes being ignorant can be bliss. The good news is that studies show bull semen really does work for your hair so if the ingredient doesn’t bother you, go for it!



There are plenty of all natural beauty products available that might not have such extreme products. If you’re unsure about what beauty product to give them, it’s almost always better to give them a gift certificate that they can use and pick out their own beauty product so you won’t have any questions about it.