Around the holidays and during election time it seems as if peace is greatly stirred up. There’s a lot of chaos, fear and money problems. People look at all of these and it brings down their vibrations and takes away their peace. Instead of trying to find out how to work out the problems they continue to dwell and suffer then without knowing it, they bring others down with them. This is why it’s important to rise above and see how we can relieve stress in our life. Having peace in your heart is the best way for you to relieve stress and shine light to others who need it. Shining light to others is how world peace can be accomplished. However, it starts within you. You are needed in life so we can move upwards and experience love in a way that other generations never have experienced before. Relieving stress is not as hard as it seems.

Check out these 10 Easy Ways To Bring World Peace

10. Be Kind without Expecting Anything In Return
Being kind doesn’t mean you actually have to give money or a gift to someone. All it means is that you show someone that they matter. You can do a variety of things in order to get this message across. You can give a few dollars to someone who might be homeless, donate things to charity, call your friends and check on them or even just smile and hug someone. Getting a smile from a stranger on a hard day is always nice.

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9. Stop judging people
This might not sound very easy but it is and once you stop judging people you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel. It’s not your place to judge others. People forget this and more so when there is a lot of fear around. Don’t be scared by how someone looks, nor if they are homeless nor by the way they dress. See them as light and not dark. If they are hateful towards you, let it just fall off and continue on. Everyone has had a bad day and sometimes even nonstop bad years. Still see them as light even though they are mean towards you. This might be the only thing that can help them to shine later on or to start feeling better about themselves.


8. Stop trying to play the victim
When you’ve had several bad days in a row or just feeling cranky it can be very easy to play the victim. Playing the victim can drag you down even further and chase all of your friends away. Stop thinking about what others think. Just let go and don’t become paranoid about things. Being paranoid makes you miss out on chances of spreading world peace even more. I use to play the victim a lot and now I see how that has hurt me. Let go, be yourself and smile. This will also help with being able to love yourself, which brings peace inside and helps with spreading peace worldwide.


7. Love someone who has hurt you instead of spreading darkness
I know this is very difficult to do. When someone has hurt you, all you might find yourself wanting to do is vent, gossip and talk bad about them. How does this bring peace to you and them? Instead of wallowing yourself up in bitterness, forgive them. Speak kind of them whenever someone asks you about them or either stop the other person from talking about them if you can’t bring yourself to speak kind about them. Forgiveness is a big key to world peace. This also includes relatives and close friends in the past who have hurt you. Forgive them. They might not even be alive right now. Tell them out loud that you forgive them and that you’re also sorry for any hurt that you caused them then let it go.Remember, in many ways calling people darkness is also kind of judging them, which is not your place.


6. De-clutter your house
Chaos in the home can cause unnecessary stress. Picture your home happy, healthy and beautiful. Listen to peaceful music in the home. Dance around your home and spread the light. Try to avoid music that might hurt or bring others down. Listen to music that’s motivational and help bring peace to others.


5. Release your creative side
Coloring, painting and drawing is a wonderful way to relieve stress. You might even consider putting your artwork throughout the home. Another idea is to create a collage of nothing but peaceful images on it. You can create a new collage each week of the peaceful accomplishments you’ve made during the past week and hope to make. You can also be creative with lego’s.


4. Volunteer your valuable time and help others
When you volunteer your time, you feel better about yourself because you’re helping others. There are lots of ways that you can volunteer your time. You can volunteer your time at a homeless shelter and help with food or cleanup. You can volunteer at animal shelters and see what all needs to be done. Some hospitals also need volunteers especially around the holidays. You don’t even have to leave the home. You can visit sites such as and see how you can help others around the globe.


3. Become your own best friend
When you love yourself, others will love and see the light in you. Becoming your own best friend can be hard when you’ve experienced a lot of pain. Talk to yourself about things that might be happening. Give yourself some of the same advice that someone else who is a good friend would give you. Love yourself. Know that you are a great person, needed and valued. When you become your own best friend, it helps with being able to believe in yourself better so your dreams and other dreams can come true.


2. Eat healthy and take supplements approved by your doctor
Having a healthy diet is important. Eating junk food often can bring you body down without even knowing it. If you eat healthy then this can raise your vibration. One diet that I recommend which really helps with providing natural energy is called THRIVE. You’ll feel much better at the end of the day. However, just check with your doctor first and make sure that you can take the supplements. It’s still good for you to allow yourself some treats. Denying yourself treats might make things even harder for you. Just write stuff down, your calories and what you eat daily so you can know when you deserve a treat.


1. Meditate and Just Smile
Pray and meditate. If you don’t believe in God or do meditation, then just try and take deep breaths and do what it takes to help you with bringing peace in your life. Say positive affirmations even if you don’t believe in anything. Did you find yourself getting mad at me for saying for them to think positive if they don’t believe in God or anything at all? Well, stop. Again, don’t judge them. Positive thinking and speaking can change your life. After you’re done with meditation or saying affirmations, just smile. Know that things will work out and that your life really does matter.

Guided Christian Meditation Again Words

World peace begins in us and then when we can start working together and helping one another out, regardless of their race or where they are from.