Looking for some new silly Thanksgiving quotes to share? I don’t know about you but I find random thanksgiving quotes to be one of the best ways to break the ice during that awkward family get together. You might not have anything to say then suddenly one of these quotes might come to mind.

Check out these 10 Silly Thanksgiving Quotes To Share

10. “I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage” – Erma Bombeck

I don’t know about you but my family loves gravy! If your family loves gravy as much as mine then they will just love this quote. It’s one of those quotes that perhaps only the gravy lovers will understand. You need to have gravy on those potatoes and everywhere else! Without it, the meal might just be extremely boring after


9. Prozac to the rescue !

This has to be one of my personal favorites! Can you imagine what kind of Thanksgiving that would be like if you stuff the turkey with prozac? Of course, don’t really do it! However, I can only imagine that it would be a completely free stress-free Thanksgiving dinner for sure. If you want to scare everyone then this might just be the perfect quote to surprise them with when they don’t expect it!



8. Funny Thanksgiving Poem

This might not be a quote but it’s a short quick funny Thanksgiving poem you can learn in order to break that silence. “May your stuffing be tasty. May your turkey plump. May your potatoes and gravy have nary a lump. May your yams be delicious and your pies take the prize and may your Thanksgiving dinner stay off your thighs!” You know what they say. They save the best part for the last. If you didn’t catch the ending then you’ll need read it again. 🙂



7. The day after Thanksgiving

Oh, can you only imagine what plumbers must experience after Thanksgiving? Most of us have wine and lots of food during Thanksgiving time. You can only imagine how this must clog up the toilets. One good thing is maybe it gives the plumbers some extra cash for Christmas. 🙂



6. Glad to see me?

Can you see this happening at Thanksgiving time? lol. I think the picture explains it all.



5. Thanksgiving Doctor Fun or Alien Thanksgiving Fun

Oh no, who is abducting all of the turkeys? It must be the aliens right?! Poor turkeys. I wonder how many of them have experienced this accidental death around Thanksgiving. It is scary whenever that thermometer just suddenly pops out for no reasons.



4. Halloween Vs Thanksgiving

During Halloween I am sure that the Turkey must be laughing hard at the pumpkin and relieved that it’s not them. However, the pumpkin is right! They better laugh it up while they can because the turkey is next. Personally, I don’t like turkey much during Thanksgiving but I know that a lot of my family enjoys a good turkey meal at Thanksgiving.



3. Thanksgiving makes therapists happy

Here’s the proof that Thanksgiving makes therapists happy. If you think that plumbers might be busy after thanksgiving, can you imagine how busy therapists might be? Sometimes you might something and think it’s a compliment but in the end, it’s not. This might be sound silly but at the same time, it’s one of those quotes that I thinks hits home. Oh wait, maybe I need to see a therapist after Thanksgiving!



2. Set your scales back!

This year, if you want to look great and think that you’ve not gained any weight then you might want to set your scales back! Setting your scales back might be just the thing to help you with losing those 10 pounds tonight. If you don’t set your scales back then you might just regret it later on. This would also be a great prank to pull on some family members and getting them to check their weight so maybe they’ll eat more at your home so you aren’t stuck with all of the left overs.



1.You better get out of the sun Ralph, Looks like you’re done

I just love this one the most! When you’re getting ready to pull out that turkey and put in the other one, you can always share this quote. Maybe you’re about to go back for a second plate. They better get out of the way because the turkey is done and you’re coming back for seconds.




It was very hard to decide between number two and one as I love both of those a lot. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed these funny Thanksgiving quotes as I have. If you have a funny quote feel free to let us know and I’ll be happy to post it with this one. Stay safe this holiday season and enjoy your time with the family. You might want to consider booking with your therapist early since they might be packed after Thanksgiving.