It’s Bacon Day! Let’s just skip the talk and go straight into the Bacon memes…


10. Left Over Bacon
There’s never any left over bacon in my house! I agree. That is right up there with unicorns and leprechauns. If you all see any leftover bacon then you know something is wrong.


9. Bacon Taco
When it all comes down to it, at the end of the day your argument is invalid. Bacon Taco. Nothing else needs to be said. It’s all just about Bacon Taco. Would anyone like to try some Bacon Taco right now? I already know what you’re thinking. Forget the taco part with the ingredients inside. Lets just have some bacon.


8. How To Get Guys To Notice You
Girls, here’s a good way to get men to notice you. Look carefully. If you’re still single or wondering why on earth a man has not noticed you yet, then this is bound to get their attention. If it doesn’t then you might just need to skip onto another man so they will notice you.


7. You Had Me At Bacon
I think that this is one of those most popular sayings out there for bacon lovers. You know that you’re with a real bacon lover whenever they tell you that you had them at bacon. When in doubt, just ask them. If you’re a bacon lover about too marry a bacon lover then this might also give you some cute ideas for future references.

6. Bacon Cheeseburger
I have them. You have them. We all have vegetarian friends these days. If you’re vegan friend is trying to make you feel guilty about eating a bacon cheeseburger then just remember this. The bacon cheeseburger didn’t fight its way on top of the food chain to become a vegetarian!

5. Bacon of Happiness
Having a rough day? Does it seem as if everything is going wrong in your life? I have just one word for you that will cheer you up. Bacon. Oh sure, you can’t buy happiness but you can always buy bacon. Buying bacon is almost like buying happiness. Even if for just a few minutes, bacon can take away your problems and make you feel much better about life.

4. Bacon Salad
If you’re with a partner or a friend who might always be nagging you to do something healthy or either they want a salad. Here’s one thing that you can do that is bound to make them happy. Just throw on a piece of lettuce on top of the bacon that you just made and be proud of it. This will impress your partner a lot and maybe they’ll stop nagging you.


3. Bacon and Cats
Why? It’s bacon and it’s cats. There’s nothing else left that needs to be said. Except meow and bacon. In the end, it’ll be human vs cat over the bacon. If you think you’re going to win the bacon then you might want to think again.

2. The Perfect BLT
Have you ever wondered what on earth is wrong with your BLT? Maybe what’s wrong with your BLT is the fact that you don’t have enough bacon on it. Toss out that lettuce and tomato. Go ahead and add in that bacon. Add in another layer and a few more. You can never add in enough bacon. Alright, maybe some lettuce and tomatoes tossed between the layers of bacon isn’t such a bad idea but if you must have a choice go for as much bacon as you can get then you will have the perfect BLT.

1.Beer and Bacon
At the end of the day it all comes down to beer and bacon. If you grew up loving both beer and bacon then you’ll understand as to why this is number one. Don’t you just wish you could have an edible bacon mug with beer in it? Hey, you never know. It could still happen. If anything, maybe there might be an app for it. Alright, so the app wouldn’t be the real thing but it sure would be close to it.



If you have a friend who happens to be a bacon lover then there’s lots of gifts that you can get them. You might even be shocked as to all of the bacon gifts available these days. You can buy anything from bacon toothpaste to bacon chocolate candy. Just be sure that your friend really is into bacon or else they might not appreciate the gift so much. Remember, this next time when you’re with a bacon lover:


Maybe in the end, what it all comes down to is not about the aliens but perhaps, it’s all about the bacon.

Perhaps, it’s also about this song. This is the perfect song too put on for that bacon lover and get them in the mood for some bacon and a romantic evening.

Bacon. Bacon is all that life might be about. Just bacon.