Humans can develop a lot of weird reactions to almost anything that’s on earth. Most of us tend to know about the more common allergies people have such as being allergic to nuts, almonds, cheese, dairy products and other things. The immune system might fire up by itself and then allergies can be born. Sometimes these allergies can be very harmful and other times the risk might not be as bad. If you think you have a weird allergy then you’re not alone. Many people have weird allergies but might not talk about it much due to the fact that they feel alone with it. Talk with your doctor if you think you have any of the allergies. Know these allergies can occur year round at any given time.

Check out these 10 Weird Allergies People Have

10. Computers
Have you ever found yourself thinking that you might be allergic to the computer but tossed the idea aside thinking that sounds crazy? Well, it’s not crazy. If you find yourself feeling sensitive to the computer and possibly breaking out with rashes after being near one or having other reactions, then you could have an allergy to it. If you do it’s not generally the computer itself but you might be hypersensitive to what is known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

9. Sweat
Some people mistake being allergic to sweat with it being just a normal heat rash, when in reality it’s an allergic reaction to their own sweat. When people are allergic to their own sweat what happens is that they get welts which can be very painful. Their skin might turn itchy and red. It can take around 30 minutes for it to disappear or sometimes many hours before the redness is gone. This condition is actually a lot more common then what people think but the problem is people don’t even check to see if they are allergic to their sweat.

8. Heat and Cold
I am putting both of these together because people can be allergic to both the heat and to the cold. Just because you’re allergic to one doesn’t mean that you might be allergic to the other one. It’s important to find out what might help to reduce some of the swelling and rashes if you’re allergic to one of these. You might even find yourself having to move in order to avoid the heat or cold.

7. Underwear
I am sure that you weren’t expecting to see underwear on the list. Most people know about being allergic to clothes or even possibly shoes but the last thing they check is to see if they are allergic to underwear. If you’re having rashes develop around that area you might consider changing your underwear. It could be due to some of the fabrics used with the underwear or even a possible reaction to cotton depending on the materials used in the underwear.

6. Anesthesia
One good thing is that it’s very rare for someone to be allergic to anesthesia. Sometimes people might not even know they are allergic to it until after needing it. Clinics and hospitals these days now try and see if patients might have some kind of negative reaction or response to anesthesia. There are some alternatives now available for the patients that could be allergic to it. If you are sensitive to medications you might want to ask if you can find out ahead of time to see if you’re allergic to it.

5. Deodorant
Deodorant is actually a very common one for people to have an allergic reaction to these days. The reason why people might be allergic to deodorant might be from the ingredients in it or even perhaps from the smell of the deodorant itself. You usually find out rather fast if you’re allergic to the deodorant you have on. The allergic reaction might vary depending on the person. It’s best to wash it off right away if it does happen and not use that deodorant again.

4. Cell phones and tablets
Just like with computers people can be allergic to cell phones and tablets. Any kind of modern technology people could possibly develop an allergic reaction too depending on how sensitive they might be to it. The reaction is not caused from the cell phone or tablet itself but rather being sensitive to nickel or possible other metals and plastic used to make the phone or tablet. You might need to talk with a doctor and see if you are allergic to these metals before heavily using your phone or tablet.

3. Vibrations
The good news is people being allergic to vibrations happens to be very rare but it still can happen. Often times it’s from episodes of urticaria that happens from lawnmowers, cars or other types of machinery. A person might find out they allergic to these vibrations if they accidentally come in contact with it. When they come in contact with it then the reaction happens fast. The other good news is that calamine lotion, corticosteroids, antihistamines and other medications can be used to help with easing off the allergic reaction.

2. Exercise
Yes, people can be allergic to exercise. It’s very similar to being allergic to sweat and cholinergic urticaria. People who might be allergic to exercise could break out into hives, swelling and have itchy skin after exercising. If you think you’re allergic to exercise or sweat talk to your doctor and see what help might be available to reduce the allergic reactions before doing exercise.

1. Money
People being allergic to money is very common these days. It has more to do with being allergic to the nickel that is used in money or other metals that causes the reaction. The good news is for people who might be allergic to money they can now get by with just using credit cards or either paying for things online. Back in the old days there wasn’t as many options available for people who might be allergic to money.

Other allergies might include water, pressure and even your hormones. If you feel you’re allergic to any of these it’s still always best to talk with your doctor instead of second guessing it so that way you can get some relief fast from the allergies.