The world was recently stunned at the news of David Bowie passing. He was one of the world’s best icons. He had a battle with cancer and lost. Over the past forty years of his music, art and fashion he was considered to be a figure that was groundbreaking.

In honor of David Bowie and his passing here’s a look at 10 Popular David Bowie Songs.

10. Space Oddity released in 1969
Space Oddity was released in 1969. It was inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s2001: A Space Odyssey. The song is following Major Tom and his fate which ended up being very unfortunate. He was an astronaut that was lost and just drifting further and further into space. Space Oddity was also the year of the very first moon landing. This was another reason as to why the song became so popular very fast. It was heartbreaking, compelling and the melody is just haunting.

9. The Man Who Sold The World released in 1970
A few fans might know this song only because of Kurt Cobain with the Nirvana’s Unplugged MTV special but the earlier Bowie fans have known it for a very long time. It was released in the year 1970 and was one of the most memorable David Bowie songs ever. What makes this song so special is just the fact you can hear the regret, long and the heartache in it plays a beautiful melody that just really gets to you.

8. Life on Mars? Released in 1971
I believe that this song really shows just how talented David Bowie was with him being able to sing over just a piano tune that was very simple. This song really helped with redefining the rock back in the 1970’s and changed the rock tradition. It also helped with Bowie being on the path to just total stardom and fame. Just listen to it once and you will see why it made him so popular.

7. Changes released in 1971
The song Changes was released in 1971. IT was the lead-off single of Hunky Dory. This song was reportedly written as one of the parodies songs of the nightclub. It feels more like an artistic song due to the lyrics in the song. Only Bowie could have pulled off this kind of single because if someone else would have sung it then it might have felt more like a pop song but he turned it into something that was much more memorable.

6. The Jean Genie released in 1973
One thing that you all might not know is that David Bowie admired The Rolling Stones and was a big time fan of them. If you’re unsure of this then just listen to the track Aladdin Sane. The Jean Genie was released as a single first back in November 1972. It was from one of his most famous tracks ever from the album Aladdin Sane which was officially released in 1973.

5. Golden Years released in 1975
Golden Years was a song that was written and also recorded by David Bowie and released in 1975. It was one of the first tracks completed during the sessions of Station to Station. The record is characterized mainly by techno that was Euro influenced and electronic textures. However, Golden Years is a very nice oddity that’s very pleasant. It’s more of a soul beat and funk song. It’s rather different compared and a nice change compared to some of the other songs from David Bowie.

4. Ziggy Stardust released in 1972
Ziggy Stardust was from the album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. It’s an album which is executed perfectly and complex. It is debatable that this very well could have been one of the best works of Bowie. It also has one of the most recognizable and memorable guitar licks that comes from Mick Ronson. You’re in for a treat if you’ve never listened to it before.

3. Heroes released in 1977
Heroes was released in 1977. Bowie visited the Berlin Wall and after he witnessed a couple rendezvousing under it he was inspired. He tried to imagine their story. You will hear the plea in this song and feel the human love and the ache in it. There are many emotions mixed in this song. You’ll get goose bumps time and time again whenever you hear this song.

2. The Next Day released in 2013
Everyone was shocked when Bowie released The Next Day because fans had assumed he was officially retired from the music industry. However, he proved everyone wrong with the release of this song. It was his 66th birthday and he shocked his fans by releasing this album. Despite the fact that it had been a long time since Bowie had released something, this song still proved to be as contemplative and creative as ever. It ended up being his number one hit in the UK in over 20 years.

1. Lazarus released in 2016
Lazarus was released in 2016 on his 69th birthday and oddly enough, it was also released just before his death. This track was visceral and Bowie is featured being blindfolded on the hospital bed. The tune is extremely haunting and fitting that it was released a few days before his death. It’s amazing that he still continued to create music and release videos despite his battle with cancer. It’s almost as if this was his final gift to his fans.

Rest in peace David Bowie. Thank you for blessing the world with your talents and music.