You can tell a lot about someone just by looking on the outside and inside of their home. Their house can reveal a variety of details such as how they feel politically, it shows off your personality plus even as to if you’re single or in love. This is why it’s so important to be careful with the things that you put in your home. You never know as to who might show up and look in your home. These days’ people also make snap judgments based on what you have in your home before really getting to know you. They might not mean to make these judgments but it is easy to do. This is why you should be careful of how you decorate and fix up your home.

Check out these 10 Top Things Your Home Says About You

  1. If you watch TV or read more

When people walk in your home they might be able to easily tell if you’re a coach potato or if you read. Part of how they can tell this is just simply looking at your couch and seeing the junk left on it from last night. If you don’t want your friends thinking that all you do is read or watch TV at home then balance it out. Clean your couch and living room. Put a nice few magazines on the table. This way they will have a hard time figuring out exactly what you might be.


  1. Dirty homes can reveal stress

It’s a known fact that if your home is dirty that some people could think that you’re stressed out and that might be why you’re not cleaning. However, if you’re home is clean and looks extremely nice often then it also might reveal that you like to control things or might be OCD with cleaning. A lot of people actually suffer from the extremes with this. They can be have homes that might be very dirty or clean.


  1. You love your job when you do a great job making up your bed

Surveys have found that people who loved their job tended to wake up on time and make up their beds. They would also not think it’s a waste of time with making up their bed. On the flip flop, surveys also showed that people who might not like their jobs tend to leave at the last minute and often times don’t care if their bed is made. Happy people also tend to strive towards having a life that is rather orderly.


  1. Long hot showers and steam from the bathroom might mean you’re lonely

Yale studies showed that people who tend to take long showers or might have long baths tend to feel as if they are isolated or either lonely. The reason why is because the warmth might feel good emotionally. It’s also a good way for them to escape into their thoughts. Lonely people can also choose this time to meditate and rethink their goals. Ones who tend to be happy take fast showers and their water bill might not be as high.

  1. Pictures of yourself might reveal your age in more than one way

When people go in a home they might see pictures of yourself and can guess your age with your appearance. However, what you might not know is that people who might be under the age of 35 years old could have pictures just by themselves. People can guess their age easier because older generations considered to be rather gauche to put a picture of just themselves. These days, the younger crowd enjoys it much more. Selfies are now also becoming a big thing especially on social networking sites such as Facebook. If you’re over 35 and want people thinking you’re younger, put up a fun picture of just yourself.


  1. It can reveal your hobbies

One thing is your home can reveal your hobbies. Let’s say you’re into collecting seashells or that you love gardening. You could have seashells around your home and pictures of the ocean or you could have flowers around your house. It’s very easy to spot the ones who love gardening. If you’re a good cook then you might have a lot of cookbooks. Revealing your hobbies this way might also help with being able to start up conversations that could be difficult otherwise.


  1. The wall colors can reflect your personality

The wall colors in your home can often times reflect your personality. If you’re moody a lot then you might have dark colors in your house to reflect it. Positive people tend to go with happier colors such as soft yellow and greens.  If you’re down a lot you might consider changing the colors on your wall and making them soft or bright colors.


  1. Dirty sock drawer’s means you might be actually more detailed than others

This might shock a few people but if your sock drawer is dirty it doesn’t actually mean something bad. You could just be more detailed and focused on other things. The ones who tend to be more detailed about other things just don’t see the socks as a major thing that they need to clean at that time.

  1. Colors also reveal how intimate you might be in the bedroom

Studies show if you’re intimate then you might choose colors in the bedroom such as purple, red, pink or fun colors that helps with spicing up the bedroom area. If you tend to not be so intimate in the bedroom then you could have darker colors in the bedroom such as gray. If you feel you’re not getting enough intimacy in the bedroom try changing the colors in your bedroom and spice it up.

purple bedroom

  1. Rather you’re shy or outgoing

Before a person even enters in your home they can tell just by looking at your door rather you’re outgoing or shy. People who tend to have red doors or decorate their doors means more than likely they outgoing. Blue doors tend to mean that people might be at ease with most situations. Green doors tend to mean that you’re more traditional and black doors possibly reserved and consistent. It’s very important to make sure that your home really reveals your personality. Don’t go with the color just because your partner might like it. Make sure it’s one you would pick because people could judge you right away just by the color of your door.



As years go by you tend to change. This is why it’s important to also redo your home and change your house accordingly.