Every year we have to change the clock forwards or backwards. Daylight saving time is fast approaching and soon we have to spring forward. This means that we’ll be losing one hour of sleep but on the plus side, gaining one hour of sunlight. It might take your body a few days to adjust to the change because one hour actually really does make a difference. Your body could feel it and you might find yourself stressed out more. One way to relieve that stress is laughter. This is why I put together a collection of funny clock memes in hopes to get you laughing again and relieve your stress.

Check out these 10 Funny Clock Memes

10. Ouch!
I must say this is probably one of the most painful ways you could ever wake up! If you really have a problem with waking up, then you might want to try it this way.



9. Googles Grandfather Clock
Are you one of those people who turned off auto check? If so, you might regret if you go in and look for “Grandfather clock” and end up misspelling it! Hopefully, there won’t be any children in the room when you accidentally do it. 


8. Go Home, Clock
When all else fails, you can always blame it on that clock as to the reason why you’re late for work. Maybe you want to leave early. How would you know exactly what time it is when the clock is this drunk?



7. I love the sound my alarm clock makes
Have you ever actually heard anyone say that they love the sound their alarm clock makes? I have never personally heard anyone say that neither! Half the time they end up just rolling over and turning it back off again. I don’t think I have ever liked the sound of the alarm clock even when it’s my iPhone going off to a song that I have chosen.



6. Haha!
I often have wondered this myself. Why do people tend to say that the alarm just went off when it in fact just came on? I know it’s rather ironic once you think about it. Maybe it’s just habit that causes us to say things like this. Maybe it’s just because we turn it off the moment it turns on.



5. What time is it?
I wonder, what time is it? Maybe the phone didn’t change at all and it’s still showing the old time. Hey, when you’ve lost that one hour of sleep it can make you feel sleepy for several days afterwards. You never know exactly what you could end up saying as a result of it. Not only what you end up saying, but what you could end up doing.



4. Daylight saving time clock in my war will finally be correct!
Wahooo all of the clocks will finally be correct but more so, the clock in your car will be correct. For now that is! How many of us actually spend the time trying to adjust the car clock and end up just waiting for it to correct on its own the next time daylight saving comes around? Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.



3. The moment the minute hand fell off……
There’s that time when the minute hand falls off and you have no idea how to fix it..so, the best way is to simply get rid of the problem. I am sure that solves the issue fast. Just remember, if you decide to dish the minute hand, put “Ish” next to the hours so that way you won’t have to second guess the time. If you’re really broke and might not have any money to buy a new clock then this might be the best thing for you to do 🙂



2. Oh, Summer Clock
I must say that I just love this clock. I love summer, so it makes since that I love this clock. I love how the numbers are at the end. If you want to confuse people then this would be the best way to do it. Go ahead, buy that summer clock and not worry at all about the time. After all, it’s summer so who cares about the time?

1. One thing, the dog doesn’t know the time change
If you have a dog and take your dog out in the mornings, I am sure you feel it whenever you lose that one hour of sleep. I find this one to be the funniest meme clock because I know how many can relate to this one. The dog just has no idea of the time change and is waiting for you to take them on that normal time.

Be sure that you always plan to sleep early when you can after the time changes. It will help with boosting up your immune system and making sure that you get to work on time. Losing that one hour of sleep might not seem much at first but then it’ll hit you when you least except for it to happen. Laughter can help with being able to re-energize you again and pick you up at the time you need it the most.