Summertime is coming up fast. Many people get bored and end up turning to drugs or booze in order to get high. However, there are lots of other things that you can do without using drugs in order to get high. The best part is when you high without using drugs, for the most part you don’t have to worry about any harmful side effects.

Check out these 10 Top Weird Ways To Get High Without Using Drugs

  1. Ride motorcycles

    A lot of people tend to get scared when it comes to the idea of riding a motorcycle. However, you might find that riding a motorcycle might be just the thing you need in order to get that high. This might not be considered a weird way to get high but it can work, especially if you’ve never been on one before. If you’re use to riding motorcycles and don’t see this as a high, try learning tricks to impress others. You can also try I’m all for getting high off riding motorcycles but be sure that you also wear a helmet while you’re on your adventure.


  1. Go horseback riding

If you have never been on a horse or might want to try something new, try horseback riding. You’ll be amazed at the high you can get just from horseback riding. Depending on where you live you might can find beginner horseback riding classes just from searching online. Horseback riding can be tons of fun once you get use to it.


  1. Hug strangers

Say what? How can hugging strangers make you high? If you’re a shy person then this might get you out of that comfort zone and help with getting that high feeling. When was the last time you walked up to a stranger and hugged them? It not only gets you high for that second because you’re overcoming your fear of talking with strangers and meeting. Go ahead. Just go up to a random stranger and hug them. Come back afterwards and tell me the high you got off from it.

  1. Try sky diving

If you can afford it, try sky diving. You might be able to find a great price for sky diving with just researching online. If you have a crush on someone you might even consider asking them to marry you in the sky. What a great way to start off a lifelong relationship. You can also even scream your goals in life real loud when sky diving.


  1. Workout in the gym

Working out in the gym can get you on a natural high. If you already workout in the gym then try and change your goals and do different things. Work out for longer periods in order to feel that high you need. Hiring a personal trainer can also help with pushing you towards your goals. Write down what you already do at the gym and see what needs to be changed. If you don’t go to the gym then see what routines might be good for you at the gym. Lifting weights is another way to also get high.


  1. Run through the sprinklers naked

If you’re by yourself or with your friends that find you’re cool no matter what you do then turn those sprinklers on and run through them naked. Running through the sprinkles is fun by itself if you don’t have the guts to get naked when doing it. This is the perfect activity to do on a hot summer’s day. Don’t do this if there are children around.


  1. Become like Tarzan

Start climbing trees and go for long hikes. You’ll be amazed at how good this feels. It not only feels good but it also gets you high. If you’re use to going on hikes then do something different like climbing a tree. When was the last time you actually climbed a tree on your hike?

  1. Paint your room

Amazingly, painting your room is not only fun but it can get you high naturally. Part of the reason could be from the smell of the paint but often times it’s just fun being able to release your creative side. You can also paint until you become exhausted and then push yourself to paint even more in order to feel the high that you crave. Painting with friends can also be very fun.

  1. Play games

When I say play games I don’t mean games that won’t give you that high such as a few board games out there. What I mean is games such as truth or dare or even spin the bottle. Always pick the dare whenever it comes your turn and actually do what they say if you think you can handle it. Playing games on Friday or Saturday night with friends can be very fun.


  1. Try new foods

Don’t settle for that hamburger at dinner. Go out and try some new and exotic foods. When I say try new foods, I mean when was the last time you had a chocolate cockroach as a snack? If your answer is you’ve never had one before then don’t worry because I’ve never had one neither. I can only imagine the high I might get off trying a chocolate cockroach but I’ll let you be the one that’s brave enough to try it.


Change your routine and do different things. Don’t always stick with the same schedule. When life gets boring or you find yourself wanting to do drugs or needing a high, look for other things to do.