The USA is very big and not just in land mass. A lot of people in the USA struggle with being obese. They struggle with being obese for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s from the medications they are on and other times it’s simply just from their diet. Many don’t get the proper exercise that they need. Maybe they are working parents and have a hard time with watching after their diet. A poor diet can cause many health issues and even cause people to have problems with sleeping at night. You might be surprised to learn some of the most obese states in the USA.

Check out these 10 of the Most Obese States in the USA

  1. Missouri

What’s interesting about Missouri is that it has a lot of relaxed laws in regards to alcohol and tobacco. This might not actually be a bad thing but when you combine that with having a bad diet and not exercising enough, a lot of people in Missouri might start having heart problems if they struggle with all of those issues and drink a lot plus smoke. Around 30% percent of the people in Missouri are obese. The National Blues Museum is a fun place to visit if you’re planning on taking a road trip to Missouri.


  1. Georgia

Around 30.5% of the people in Georgia are obese. There are many things to take into consideration as to why so many might be overweight in Georgia. The state has a big history in farming. People in Georgia tend to eat a lot of vegetables compared to other states because of this fact. However, the problem is they have cooking techniques which causes these vegetables to become unhealthy or either they will fry them. They also love their desserts. A lot of people in Georgia also don’t exercise regularly and this is a big problem with weight problems increasing.


  1. Wisconsin

Yes, that’s right! The state known for its cheese is 31% obese. It’s one of the biggest cheese producers in the USA. You would think this would mean it would help make Wisconsin healthier. Between the high amount of foods that are fat rich and the climate being cooler is what causes the obese rate in Wisconsin to be high. People tend to eat high carb foods in the winter for many reasons. People not from Wisconsin and not use to the cold weather also struggle with wanting to snack during the winter.


  1. Texas

We all know that Texas is a huge state but that’s not why it’s one of the most obese states in the USA. They are known for their meat and have lots of state fairs. Texas also produces a lot of deep fried food products such as deep fried butter and even deep fried coke. They love their deep fried foods at their fairs. Having meat might not be too bad depending on what it is and how much they have but often times, when you have meat you tend to have potatoes and other things with it that can cause you to gain weight. Around 31% of Texas is obese.


  1. Ohio

Around 32% of the people in Ohio tend to be obese. One of the reasons could be due to the fact that their food insecurity level is high. They lack the access to having both healthy food because they cannot afford it and have limited access to it. Many people across the USA actually have a hard time with being able to access the healthy food items their body needs.


  1. Oklahoma

Oklahoma has plenty of food deserts but their main problem is fruit. This state has one of the lowest daily consumption’s of fruit in the USA. This is one of the main reasons as to why many in Oklahoma struggle with being obese. Their nutrition is very poor due to the lack of fruit. It’s important to have a moderate amount of fruit in your system. Fruit can help with boosting up the immune system and much more.

  1. Alabama

Shockingly, around 33.5 percent of the people in Alabama tend to be obese. Alabama has a lot of problems with hyper tension. They are also the state that comes in at number 4 with having the most diabetes. There are a few reasons as to why they have such health problems. They not only have access to the vegetables and food they need that’s healthy for them but their poverty level is also very low and they cannot afford it.


  1. Mississippi

In the state of Mississippi around 35.5 percent of the people are obese. Most don’t even eat fruit due to the lack of being able to have fruit and vegetables near them. Mississippi is one of the poorest states in the USA. This also is partly to blame as to why so many of them are overweight. A lot of the people in Mississippi also don’t get the proper exercise they need. Between poor diet and lack of exercise, this is why the obese level is high.

  1. West Virginia

If you think Mississippi was bad then you’ll be surprised with West Virginia. Not only does West Virginia have a problem with people being obese but at the same time, they have a huge problem with drug related deaths and children being impoverished. Maybe the drug problem wouldn’t be so bad if their diet was better.


  1. Arkansas

Are you ready for this? Around 35.9 of the people in Arkansas are obese. This state is known to have high levels of both smoking and obesity. The amount of obesity in Arkansas has shockingly doubled over the past 20 years and continues to increase. What does this mean? Around 7 to 10 people in Arkansas are obese and have health issues.


Talk with your doctor if you’re obese and see what can be done to help you with getting into shape again.