Facebook just recently released Facebook Reactions. In the past we could only just thumb up a post but now we can express the way we feel about a post by clicking the love, wow, haha, sad and angry button. Some people feel as if we need more reactions and I am one of those people.

Check out these 10 Facebook Reactions We Need Now (But chances are we won’t get them)

10. Crybaby Facebook Reaction
I think that we seriously need a crybaby Facebook reaction. Why not? There are some people who only complain and having a crybaby reaction might be perfect for that post.



9. Whatever Facebook Reaction
There are times when we seriously need a whatever Facebook reaction. If you don’t know what to say or frustrated then a whatever facebook reaction might just come in handy. Maybe you’re just having a whatever kind of day! Regardless, we need it.


8. The Finger Facebook Reaction
There are times when giving the finger is the best reaction out there. You and I both know that this kind of reaction would get used often.

7. The Meh Facebook Reaction
It’s just a meh post. Whatever man. Meh. Meh would be better then giving the finger or using the sad facebook reaction so just meh.

6. The Good morning/goodnight Facebook Reaction
I think we personally need a goodnight or a good morning Facebook reaction. I see so many posts that say good morning or goodnight. It would be perfect to have either one of these.


5. The gross/sick Facebook reaction
I think that the gross or sick Facebook reaction could be used for either one. There are some posts out there that’s just so gross this would be a perfect reaction instead of the angry button. Perhaps the person is sick then if so, you can use this one.


4. The Beer Facebook Reaction
In the mood to party? Cheers mate. This one is on the house. There are times when we just need to click a beer Facebook reaction because it just makes sense, cheers mate.


3. The Kitty Cat Smiley Facebook reaction
We all know that cats rule and dogs droll. Alright, alright. Yes, there should be a cat and dog Facebook reaction. This would be a perfect reaction for animal lovers.

2. It’s Friday Facebook Reaction
Friday is a favorite day for many people. It’s the end of the week. The weekend is almost here. Now we can relax and do whatever we want. Thank Goodness it’s Friday! Lets get this party started! Ps – I think we also need a dance Facebook reaction!

1. A Bacon Facebook Reaction
It doesn’t matter if you like bacon or not. There are times when bacon just explains exactly how we feel about the post. It bacon doesn’t matter! Yummm bacon, looks so good!

I hope that we see more Facebook reactions in the future. I enjoy the few that we have now but the selection is very limited. Hopefully that changes overtime.