When you spot a sea creature and then look back and notice it looks different, you’re not going crazy. There are awesome sea creatures that change in shape, size and in color. They change for a variety of reasons. If something looks like a flower be careful. It very well could be the killer fish. Sea creatures tend to also camouflage in a lot of sizes and shapes. They can easily morph into the surrounds around them and make it hard to even spot them. These weird sea creatures might do it when they feel threatened and sometimes they don’t even need an excuse at all to suddenly change their appearance.

Check out these 10 Awesome Crazy Sea Creatures That Change Shape Size and Color

10. Seahorses hide in the sea
Seahorses not only look very cool but they can easily hide in the sea. They have the ability to change their shape, color and even their texture when needed. They do this in order to help with protecting themselves. When they feel the need to really defend themselves they can alter the pattern on their skin and make it almost impossible to find them.

9. The North Pacific Giant Octopus Changes Color
You might be thinking that the north pacific giant octopus changes color because they feel threatened. The reason why they actually change color is because of the mood they might be in. Whatever they are feeling they will change into that color. However, you don’t want to get very close to them. They can actually suck you in and cause you to die that way, so don’t get very close when you see one.

8. Cuttlefish Can Shapeshift
Yes, sea creatures can shapeshift. I know you’re thinking that it’s too bad us humans can’t do the same. I would love to shapeshift. The Cuttlefish can shapeshift, change its color and even do a texture change. The main reason as to why the cuttlefish does this is to help hunt. He adapts to the environment around him in order to eat and survive.

7. Mahi-Mahis Change Color
Mahi-Mahis look amazing and their colors is something that you must see in person one day. They tend to also change colors but the reason why is to signify whenever they have a change in their habitat. When one is suddenly taken out of their waters then put into the state and can’t actually breathe, it will turn into shades of gold that’s unforgettable. When it’s not returned to waters, it will transition into many other colors almost like a rainbow effect, which is totally awesome.


6. Ribbon Eels Change Color
Ribbon Eels are cool looking. They also can change their gender in order to help with adapting to their current environment. Sometimes they also do this to preserve the species. They can also change colors sometimes and one main reason as to why they change color is to help with signifying that they have had their gender changed.

5. Stonefish Change Shapes
The Stonefish is one of the most deadliest predators that’s on Earth. When you’re looking at the stonefish you might think it’s harmless. The reason why is because the stonefish can change into the shape of a stone. When you provoke the fish it can release a very fatal toxin and can also paralyze and kill the victims when they come in contact. What makes it even more scarier is that this fish doesn’t always stay in the deep sea. Sometimes it goes to the shallow depths of the sea and might be where humans tend to tread in the waters. This is why it becomes one of the deadliest creatures of all time.


4. Southern Pygmy Leatherjackets Change Their Color
You can always tell when Cupid is near with the Southern Pygmy Leatherjacket. The reason why is because whenever they are in love, they change color. They can also puff and change size easily whenever they need to intimidate one of the sea dwellers that might scare them. However, I think that it is extremely romantic that they change colors when they are in love.

3. The Rockpool Goby Changes Color
One of the most amazing masters of camouflage is the rockpool goby. It can change color in order to help with dodging the predators that might around. It even goes beyond changing color and can also alter the level brightness of its color in order to help with fighting predators. It can also change color whenever there’s a natural phenomenon in the sea such as a heavy current or either colossal waves.

2. The Oyster Toadfish Goes Camo
When the Oyster Toadfish has a nest that it must protect, it will turn into camo. This is the best way they know how to protect their young. The Oyster toadfish is one of the few in the sea that will also omnivore and morph into the actual sea itself. You might be thinking you’re looking at the sea but you’re looking at the oyster toadfish and you will never know it.

Oyster Toadfish, Opsanus tau, aka Oyster Cracker, North Carolina, USA, North Atlantic Ocean.


1. Flounders Change Stature
The flounder is one of the most popular fish in the sea. It’s also known to change their stature and look just like the rocks. The flounder can also become totally flat and lay on the ocean floor and morph into something that might not be considered prey or dinner. The fish might also make u think they are helpless and possibly confused but they are not and possibly one of the smartest fish in the sea.


When you’re in the sea or in the ocean and come across a sea creature, just because it looks cute don’t think for a second that it’s not dangerous. Always be careful when you’re out in the sea because you never know what creature could kill you.