Did you wake up in a bad mood? Believe it or not, we all have woken up in bad moods. We can decide as to if that bad mood will destroy our day or if we will change that mood and feel better. Bad moods can come from restless nights, bad dreams or maybe even from having a stressful day before. Other times it’s from running low in vitamins or could be side effects of medications.

What do you do when you’re in a bad mood?

Check out these 10 tips on how to get out of a bad mood in the morning.

10. Check magnesium levels
As stated, sometimes your vitamin levels might be low and more so, your magnesium levels. Whey these levels are low you might be moody and have other side effects that comes from low magnesium levels. Look into getting over the counter magnesium or either have some dark chocolate. Another idea is to have some dark leafy greens because they are loaded with magnesium. If you have time, take a very nice and relaxing Epsom salt bath. This will boost your levels and you’ll feel very relaxed when you’re done.


9. Meditate
If you wake up in a bad mood, don’t put off meditation. Try and find some space in a quiet room and meditate. Clear your mind and start thinking positive about the day. Thinking positive can help how you’re feeling and shift your mood from bad to feeling better. Start picturing the day being good and see how you want things to go. Don’t let your current mood effect the meditation. Go into it with wanting the meditation to change your mood.


8. Avoid caffeine
Avoiding caffeine might be something that’s very hard for some people. Having caffeine might cause you to get jitters and other things. It could even cause your bad day to get worse and more so if the caffeine causes you to have jitters. If you’re use to coffee in the morning maybe try a nice cup of tea that will help to relax you.


7. Snuggle and spend time with animals
If you have a cat or dog, spend time with your pet. Snuggling with them will relax you and be good for not only you but also for them. Even if you’re in a rush just take two or three minutes and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel after you’re done. Cuddling pets help to reduce stress and anxiety and can change your mood.


6. Exercise before jumping into the shower
If you haven’t had a shower yet then take some time out and exercise for a couple of minutes. You don’t have to exercise for a long time. Just exercise for around 5 to 15 minutes and get those endorphin’s pumping. This is a wonderful way for the grumps to get fixed. Award yourself afterwards with taking a very nice shower.


5. Start off the day with a healthy breakfast
When you’re in a hurry it might be easy to skip that breakfast. However, skipping breakfast might be the worst thing you could do right now. Furthermore, you also want to skip something that’s sugary and could slow down your metabolism.  Instead of something that’s sugary like a huge muffin or French toast, go with eggs, avocado and have some water with it instead of coffee. You’ll be amazed at how a high protein breakfast can help you with feeling better.


4. Journal and Write Stuff
Start off the day with doing positive journalism. All you need to do is take at least five minutes of each morning and write some positive things in your journal. Focus on being positive. If you can’t think of anything positive then think about the sun beaming down, or something that helps you to feel good. Come up with another journal that will help you with writing out your stress and other things. Keep your positive journal separate from your stress journal. Write in your stress journal at night before sleep and get rid of all the bad feelings before you go to bed. This will also help to change your mood in the mornings.


3. Turn on the light and open the curtains
Don’t get ready for work in the dark. Try and turn on the lights in the house and let the sun in. Waking up and staying in a dark area can leave you feeling gloomy. If this is impossible to do maybe buy some lamps or something that you can put on in your area to help get some light in the room when you’re waking up. Adding light in the room helps get rid of depression and makes you just feel better. If it has been dark outside often then open the curtains during the day to also avoid waking up grumpy.


2. Listen to positive music
Avoid music that might cause you to get sad or angry. Listen to music that puts you in a good mood and gives you energy. If you know of a genre that makes you want to dance and gets you feeling better then switch to that genre and turn up the music while you’re getting ready. Listening to the right kind of music in the mornings can help change your mood and you get in some good exercise with dancing depending on what kind of music you have on.


1.Have positive meditation videos in the background
There are lots of positive meditation videos you can turn up and hear as you’re getting ready for work. Some of these videos are even free. All you need to do is just search YouTube for these videos and you’ll find lots of them.

As you can see, it can be really easy to change your mood. It all comes down to you. Before you decide to stay in that bad mood, think about how your bad mood affects others and ask yourself if it’s worth it.