We all have super powers and sadly, most of us don’t even know that we have them. A lot of people tend to be fascinated with super heroes because we wish that we could be like them. They also tend to be a metaphor of our self. In fact or either in possible potential everything is reflected in a love or hate kind of way with super heroes.

Check out these 10 Superpowers You Did Not Know You Had

10. Loving Others is a Superpower
A lot of people look at love and see it as a strong emotion without realizing that love is a super power that we have. All superpowers might be worthless if you cannot love someone and be kind to them. Love can be the breath of life and it can help save someone from depression and bring them to life. You have the power to change someone’s day with showing them love and kindness.


9. Creativity can unblock you
Do you feel as if you’re in a rut and struggling? Becoming creative can help you with coming out of that rut. There’s lots of ways in which you can unleash that creative side. If you’re struggling what you can do is just write down things that come in your mind and see if that helps. You can also get together with friends and see if being around them can help you with releasing that creative side.


8. Being able to heal others and yourself
You have the ability to heal yourself and to heal others. You can do this with showing them love, with saying kind words and also with loving yourself. Once you love yourself you will also be amazed as to what all things you can do afterwards. In order to love and heal yourself you have to first become aware of “self”.

7. We are beautiful
A lot of superheroes have to wear a special mask that comes with their super powers. However, we are beautiful and we don’t need to wear these masks. We can unleash our creativity side when it comes to showing off our beauty. Natural beauty is also an amazing super power to have. There are some people lucky enough to not have to wear makeup and look simply stunning.


6. Spirit super power
Just because a person is spiritual doesn’t mean they are religious. There are lots of different kinds of faith we can have. Faith and the power of having spirit is vital when it comes to having a super power. With faith you would be amazed at everything you can do. You might even be small but have the biggest power ever and be in awe over what you can do.

5. Having the power to be resilient
If your heart is rooting for something then you have the power to become resilient. It’s because the heart becomes that way, you will be able to say yes or no depending on what it’s rooting for at that moment. You can thrive regardless of what kind of moment you are having. If you’re in your darkest moment you can overcome and shine because you are not a victim but you are a survivor.

4. The power to think positive
You have the power to change your bad thoughts and thoughts that get you discouraged with just starting to think positive. All it takes is to say positive affirmations to help you with changing your mind from being negative to being positive. You will be amazed at how changing your mindset is a huge super power and can change your thinking.

3. The power of kindness
Being kind can change the world. You can be kind in small ways in order to show this super power off. All you need to do is clean, open doors, talk nice to someone and surprise them with just picking up the phone and calling them. There are lots of little things that you can do in order to spread kindness around the world.

2. We have the power of having a purpose
We can create a purpose for us to be here just simply out of energy. This purpose helps with generating a meaning. Your purpose can help you with making the most out of life. It connects us with other people and can be used as a way to help with getting through the dark times and helping other people come out of them.


1. Having the power of choice
You have the power of choice. Some super heroes don’t have this power at all. Having the power of choice means that you only work for yourself and not for anyone else. You can only become enslaved if you let your mind become enslaved. You have the power of choice and turning the button on and off. In life, each second counts and matters.

If you don’t think you have any of these super powers or might want to cause them to come into perfection, then talk with someone professional. Just talking with someone might be the thing that you need in order to cause your super powers to come into light. You might be surprised as to all of the super powers that you have right now.