These days a lot of people seem to be downsizing their home. Thanks to the Tiny House show from HGTV a lot of people are considering extreme tiny homes. However, a tiny house isn’t for everyone. It might look cool and tempting at the beginning but it could be something you easily regret in the future. If you’re thinking about moving into a tiny house first really consider it before diving into it regardless of how cheap the price might be. You think you might be saving money but in the long run, you could end up spending a lot of money and maybe even more money than you would have spent on a normal home.

Check out these 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Move into a Tiny House

10. Get ready to haul water
A lot of the tiny homes require you to haul water. Sometimes you might have to get out jugs plus buckets in order to haul the water. in time this could get exhausting. Can you imagine during the winter season having to go out and haul water? You could end up freezing by the time you come back inside and get sick from it.

9. Consider your fears
Think back to a time when a small space might have bothered you. You might be claustrophobic and not even aware of it yet. Have you ever been bothered by a small space more than once? If so, moving into a tiny home is for sure not for you. There’s nothing wrong with being afraid of small faces. If you’re doing this to conquer your fear of small spaces then consider a different route. Think of how much money you’ll be spending on conquering your fear. Talk with your therapist about it first.

8. Forget big parties
This is a no brainier, but when you have a small house you can forget that big birthday party you wanted to plan later. What if you just wanted to have over a small amount of friends for Christmas? Having just only 2 or three might make the place seem overcrowded very fast. If you love having company over and huge parties then forget this right now.

7. Not much privacy
Let’s say you’re wanting to watch TV and have some time to yourself. You might be getting that time to yourself but whatever you’re watching everyone else well be hearing it. Doesn’t matter how low you turn on the TV someone will know what you’re watching. Are you wanting to make a private phone call? Forget about it. You’ll have to go outside for that one.

6. Limited space for animals
You might be thinking it could be easy to have a couple of cats and dogs in your tiny house. However, think again. This is something to really take into consideration especially if your animals don’t get along together. Moving into a tiny house won’t make them suddenly get along neither. It could even make the situation worse. Having just one cat or dog will make the space much tighter for everyone.

5. Wifi is frustrating
If you’re wanting to go off the grid and forget the internet then this shouldn’t matter. However, if you know for a fact you’re one of those that might need to check their email sometimes or do schoolwork then wifi will be very limited because it’s spotty. I’m not saying it’s impossible but think back to the 90’s and how they use to hook up the internet and spent hours trying to connect then to be kicked off again.

4. It’s not as cheap as you think
I’ll be brutally honest here. One small tiny home cost around $23,000 for DIY and then the price quickly goes up. You might think that $23,000 is not that bad but there’s lots of things that you might need to take on yourself. Think about it. You might need to add in more space, get a better bathroom or maybe even just fix the water situation. If you think adding in all of those things might be cheap then think again. You can also forget that bank loan. Most banks won’t help or give out a loan for you to have a tiny house.

3. No mobility with a tiny house
Think about it this way. If you think you can buy a tiny house and move around in it then you’re wrong. It’s not as easy as you think. It’ll be almost like having an RV that’s broken down and living in it 24/7. Hauling around a tiny house can be very difficult and on top of that, even more difficult parking it in a place.

2. Not very secure
Some tiny homes might be more secure than others but think about it as if you’re living in a mobile home. Do you live in tornado alley? What about a place that gets lots of snow? Another thing that you might even want to consider is that someone could come and steal your home. You could be out working or even on vacation and come back, then find it’s gone.

1. You have to wash things by hand
Most tiny houses don’t have washers or dyers. You will need to wash everything by hand. If you’re not ready to do a lot of chores and physical work then a tiny house is not for you. Think about how this could hurt your back even more if you’re already having back issues. Some tiny houses have a washer and dryer already but it’s very expensive to keep.

Write down the pros and cons of buying a tiny house. Think about things a great deal before you make the deal final. Remember, you might be stuck with that house for a very long time and they might not be so easy to sell. Are you really sure you want that tiny house? If there’s even one slightest doubt then you might skip it.

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