Marketing is extremely competitive, and if you don’t know what you’re doing then you’re probably spending too much money for the results you’re achieving. Keep yourself informed so you can be confident of your choices by reading the top tips to improve your marketing success.

1. Your Site

Your website is an important part of your marketing, and if you’re making any mistakes then they will be affecting your marketing success. They key thing to bear in mind is how your site appears on mobile devices – this is actually more important than the desktop version because more than half the searches conducted on Google are now done with a mobile device.

2. Marketing Style

Be extremely careful if you’re outsourcing any of your marketing to external companies. Remember, pop up adverts and other invasive forms of marketing only serve to annoy potential customers, and there are ways to please your customers with your marketing.

3. Start a Blog

You should be producing some of your own content. This will improve your search engine rankings so that you’re more likely to appear on the first page of google when relevant searches are made, but it will also allow loyal customers to further engage with your business.

  1. Evergreen Content

If you’re producing your own content on a blog on your website then you might worry that you can’t afford to make enough content to affect your search engine ranking, but you don’t have to generate content so regularly if you’re using evergreen content – that means content will remain relevant for longer.

  1. Linking out

The most successful marketers use their content to link out to well-known and reputable sights. Many people worry about directing customers away from their site, but it demonstrates to customers that you’re trustworthy and have their interests at heart. It will also improve your search engine ranking.

  1. Use Cheaper Solutions

Constantly be on the lookout for cheap solutions to marketing problems. For example, if you use a service like Adobe Spark, whose software lets you make your own posters, then you can get the first one free of charge. Don’t be suspicious of money saving solutions.

  1. Collaborate

Not every local business is your competitor, and many will face identical challenges to your own. Once you start to include each other in your marketing strategies, you’ll find an abundance of ways to cut marketing costs.

  1. Sponsor a Concert

Wouldn’t it be great to have your company’s branding all over a local event? This is actually quite easy to achieve, and if you work with local businesses, then you’ll be surprised at how low the costs can be.

  1. Hone Your Brand

It might be that you’re communicating the wrong messages about what your business is and what service and products you provide. Consider what your branding says about you, from your color scheme to your logo, and make sure you aren’t misrepresenting your business.

  1. Audit Your Strategy

There’s a lot that goes into a marketing strategy, and you might find that some things just aren’t working out for you. Review the success of each element of your strategy and be ready to cut any elements that aren’t translating into more customers.