It can be very hard trying to get the guy of your dreams. Maybe what you need to do is change the scent you’re wearing or either put one on. What kind of scent would you wear in order to get that hot guy? Before wearing a new scent try and make sure the guy isn’t allergic to the smell. You can easily drop in hints without asking them right out what they think of a smell before you consider it. Most of these scents you can find with essential oils making them easier to use as a perfume.

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10. Sandalwood
Sandalwood is a very popular choice among women because men tend to love this scent. Not only does it smell amazing but there’s actually a lot of benefits with using Sandalwood. It has properties in it to help with anti-inflammatory and can even work as a diuretic depending on what king of Sandalwood that you get. It also makes for a great disinfectant and perfect way to cleanse the house.

9. Rose
The smell of roses is very sensual and one of the most classic smells men might notice right away. Often times you will want to just use a small amount of rose depending on what brand you’re using. The reason being is that the smell of rose itself is just very powerful and that’s why you don’t want to use much. Rose also mixes wonderful with other oils such as Jasmine and Sandalwood.

8. Orange
Believe it or not, orange essential oils can attract men. It’s a scent that’s known to be energizing and fresh. It’s one of those top note scents and you can blend it easily with black pepper, cinnamon and ginger and of course, Sandalwood. Orange is very sedative and makes out for a great tonic for your body and perfect for the holidays.

7. Bergamot
The wonderful thing about bergamot is that the smell tends to be very light and has a scent that’s light citrus. It’s another top note smell. You can mix it with Frankincense, Rosemary and Orange. It also goes with Jasmine and Cypress. Another thing to note in regards to bergamot is that it can relax the body. It’s important to not expose yourself to the sun much after using it because it can be phototoxic.

6. Patchouli
Here’s another very famous one because it smells earthy and musky. It’s important to know that this smell is strong. You will not want to use much of it when you put it on. Patchouli makes for a great base note smell. You can also blend it with other smells such as bergamot, myrrh, clary sage and even lavender. Blending it will help tone the smell down, so it won’t be as strong. One good thing is that this smell also helps with relieving anxiety and calming you down.

5. Lemon
The smell of lemon won’t be everyone’s go too smell but it can be a nice change. It’s a top note that’s refreshing and a smell that everyone recognizes. You can use lemon to blend in with tea tree, lavender and rose. If you have a headache then you will want to use lemon to get rid of it. When you’re feeling down in the dumps lemon can help with improving your mood.

4. Peppermint
Peppermint makes for a great tea but also for a great smell to wear. It is minty, cooling and refreshing. It’s a top note. However, one thing that you should know is that peppermint tends to evaporate fast. If you’re wanting a top note to stay longer then peppermint is not the one. It blends in awesome with rosemary, tea tree, eucalyptus and marjoram. Another awesome thing about peppermint is that it helps with digestion problems, improves your blood circulation and relieves stress.

3. Ylang-Ylang
Ylang-Ylang has been used for a very long time and is a very popular smell. This flower tends to be a blessing because it also helps with a variety of health problems, including anxiety. It’s very exotic, complex and clean. It is a smell which has a fruity floral hint too it and sweet yet heavy at the same time. There’s lots of essential oils and perfumes available with this smell too it.

2. Vanilla
Smelling vanilla can be sedative, relaxing, sexy, tranquilizing, plus very relaxing. It can instantly improve your mood and evening. Vanilla is so popular that women also use this smell for their health, skin and hair. Vanilla is also a very popular ingredient in cooking. It’s a positive smell and one that most men like and enjoy. If you don’t want to wear it you can easily go to the store and pick up a vanilla candle to make it very romantic.

1. Jasmine
Jasmine is a smell that can be sensual, and help with many other things. Jasmine can be used for stress, depression, anxiety and can even help with fighting menopausal symptoms and menstrual cramps. This flower is so popular that some call it a gift from God because of all that it can do. If you’re in doubt with any of the smells, go with Jasmine.

There’s a variety of scents out there such as lavender and many others not mentioned. If you’re not happy with a current smell you’re using right now or feel it’s not helping then try switching it up and changing it around. Just one change can do wonders and improve your day, evening and even improve your date and turn it around.