Technology has helped with making our lives simple. Technology was created out of both errors and lots of trials. The tech world has had many ups and downs. Things have changed over time as technology improves. Technology is everything from the computer to watching your favorite shows on television.

Check out these 10 odd facts about technology

10. The first alarm clock could only ring at 4 am
Many think that the first alarm clock could ring at whatever time they set it to ring. However, that is not the case at all. The first alarm clock was made by Levi Hutchins, from New Hampshire in 1787. He created this alarm clock and had it set to where the clock would only ring at 4 am. The reason as to why the clock would only ring at that time was to ensure that he would wake up for his job at 4 am and get to work on time. Later in 1847 the alarm clock was invented by the French inventor Antoine Redier.

9. First camera took 8 hours before the photo was taken
If you complain about the slowness of your cellphone with your camera, next time remember the first photo took 8 hours to do. Photography started happening around the 1800’s. Back in that time they didn’t have cell phones or apps to help them with taking a picture. It also would take hours of sitting perfectly still during the photo shot. The first picture was done in 1826 with the view from a window at Le Gras, France. The camera had to be exposed for 8 hours for the picture to be perfect.

8. Robot Hotel in Japan
In Nagasaki, Japan they have the first hotel that is staffed by almost all robots only. When you go to check in the hotel you’re greeted by dinosaur robots and then later a robotic bag check. The owner said that for hotels that might be five star they need a human staff. However, if your hotel isn’t five star then you can get by with a robot staff as long as the lodging is comfortable and the price is reasonable.

7. Video games sell out more then DVDs
In 2008, video games started selling out a lot more then DVDs. There could be a lot of reasons as to why this is happening. The world of gamers has grown. The other thing is people tend to buy movies online or on apps instead of buying the DVDs at a store. However, people seem to be hanging out more for the next video game instead of hanging out for that new movie with their favorite actress in it.

6. Texting fact
There’s a reason as to why you shouldn’t try texting while you’re driving or talking on the phone. Despite the fact texting is dangerous when driving. Only 25% of the people who can text without having to look at the keyboard. It doesn’t even matter if they are talking into it. Most still end up looking at the keyboard regardless.

5. Facebook is blue for a reason
Have you ever logged on Facebook and wondered as to why it’s always blue? The reason as to why the color scheme always stays blue is that Mark Zuckerberg can’t see the colors green and red. Therefore, he has to keep it blue so he can see it. If he changes the colors it might be very difficult for him to get around and do things. So, if you’re hoping for a color change with Facebook then you might find yourself waiting for a long time.

4. 2012 Biggest iPhone Year for Apple
Back in 2012 Apple had a huge year. They would literally sell 340,000 iPhones per day. They also sold 58.31 million iPads that year. Think of it this way. Selling that many iPhones is like selling one every 4 seconds. Can you imagine how busy the Apple workers must have been? In 2012, the iPhone 5 and 5C was also released that year.

3. A nun earned one of the first Computer Science PHDs
Mary Keller was an American Roman Catholic sister. She was also both a pioneer and educator with computer science. She was one of the first people who earned her computer Science PHD. She earned her PHD at the University of Wisconsin, Madison back in 1965. She also earned a degree in Mathematics back in 1943. She was documented as the actual first woman to earn her PH.D in computer science.

2. Transactions on eBay
If you think that eBay might not be popular, think again. On ebay they have an average of around $680 transactions that happen every second. This means that there’s always people on eBay shopping, buying and looking around. People from around the world join eBay to shop, look at deals and sale. It continues to grow and be popular.

1. You could email before the world wide web
One very interesting fact is that before the world wide web even happened, you could email people. You could compose and type out emails and then send it. However, the only downfall with this is that sending out emails before the web wasn’t always easy. They even had to have books and explain as to how you should do it. You had to use the computer, then on top of using the computer you had to be connected to the telephone and use a service that was called Micronet. This happened pre-WWW so remember, there wasn’t any URLS back in those days. The webpages were all numbered and emails would use the number 7776 for communicating via emails.

Technology continues to change each year. In 20 years from now, I can only imagine as to how the world will be different because the technology is bound to just keep getting better and better.