Living in the White House has its ups and downs just like living in any place. It’s a mix between living in a home that’s a museum, resort and fortress but it is even weirder then all of that mentioned. When you’re in the White House you don’t have to worry about carrying around money or even credit cards. When you leave the White House you have to worry about all of that all over again.

Check out these 10 Strange Things about Living in The White House You Did Not Know Happened

The White House

10. Takes 6 Hours to Move into the White House
People might think it takes a long time for a new president to move into the White House. However, this is not the case at all. Moving into the White House is very easy. It only takes 6 hours for the new president to move in. The reason why is because they have a staff of around 93 people working for them in order to make the move fast and simple.

9. First Kids can slide down the White House Banisters
When Michelle Obama was looking around the White House she had doubts about it being a good home for the kids. This changed when she saw both of her kids sliding down the White House banisters. This has been a tradition for the First Kids and sort of like a rite of the passage. The bushes twins also enjoyed doing this along with Teddy Roosevelts kids. It’s a lot of fun for the kids and brings smiles to the parents and everyone watching them.

8. The First Family Gets to Watch Movies Before We Do
Hollywood works with the First family and they get to see films before everyone else does. They have the White House Family Theater. In this theater they can view the shows that might not be available yet to the public for viewing. The room was made in 1942 and was at first a theater. In 2016, President Obama used it to watch the Super Bowl and then President George W. Bush used it to watch the Austin Powers trilogy. All of the presidents have used it to watch what they enjoy.

7. The Basement has a Dentist Office
Whenever the first family has a problem with their teeth they don’t have to go very far. There is a dentist that’s located in the basement at the White House. They can get fillings and whatever is required down in the basement. The personal dentist of President George Bush said that Bush didn’t require much care and whenever he did that he would not talk about the politics when he was getting his teeth done. The basement also has a strip mall such as a carpenter’s shop, flower shop and also even includes an engineer shop.

6. The First Families Never Carry Cash
The First Families never need to carry cash or credit cards while they are in the White House. The things that they get aren’t free but regardless they don’t have to carry cash with them. All that they need is for it to be put on their tab or either the taxpayers end up paying for it. This goes all the way back even to President Raegan and before his time. They just don’t carry cash with them. It must be a strange feeling for them to carry it after their term is up.

5. Windows Cannot be Opened at the White House
Despite all of the windows at the White House none of them can be actually opened. Wouldn’t it be odd living in a home that has loads of windows but never being able to open them? You would never be able to feel the breeze during a hot summer day. First Lady Michelle Obama said that was one of the things she really missed and planned on doing when they left. It’s amazing how often we get use to opening the window and the First Family cannot do this.

4. Natural Honey is on the President’s Property
One thing that many don’t know is that the President has access to honey right on their property. They can eat honey however they would like in their coffee or even brew some beer up with it. The white house has around 35,000 bees that live on their lawn and the official beekeeper takes care of them. It was made in 2009 and it was located near the vegetable garden that was the First Lady’s.

3. Wi-Fi is Horrible at the White House
You would think that living in a place like the White House their Wi-Fi would be awesome but there’s a high chance you even have better Wi-Fi then they do. The Wi-Fi they have is horrible and they have a lot of dead spots which prevents them with doing things at a fast speed. The Obama girls even got very frustrated with the slow Wi-Fi that was at the White House and had a hard time with it. They are hoping this gets resolved to the next president that moves in.

2. President Gets Billed for Food plus Incidentals Each Month
If you think that the First Family gets out of paying for their food then guess again. They don’t get a free breakfast, lunch or dinner at the White House. The president plus their family must pay for the food that they have. Nancy Reagan didn’t know this and was caught off guard when their bill arrived and said no one told them this would happen. They don’t have to pay for the state functions food that happen at the White House because the taxpayers take care of this.

1. You can Play Golf Outside
There is now a putting green outside the president’s home so that way they can play golf whenever they want. This was put in the home when President Clinton moved in the year 1995. Both President Bush, Obama and Trump have enjoyed it. The first one was made in 1954 by President Eisenhower but was in a different location.

Just because it might look easy living in the President’s House it’s not. They still have issues just like everyone else does.