You love your job but deep down you know it’s not the dream job you’ve always wanted to have. There’s lots of dream jobs people wished that they could be doing instead of their current job. Some of these dream jobs require a lot of work and travel but worth it. These dream jobs might not even pay the best at times but they are still fun and hey, when it’s your dream job then that’s all that counts.

Check out these 10 Tip Top Dream Jobs

10. Toy Tester
Imagine being able to work and play all day long. This was mainly made famous in the movie BIG when Tom Hanks was able to get the promotion into being a toy tester at his work. All you do is just sit and play with toys and decide if they are safe and good for the kids. I think this would be a wonderful way to spend the day.

9. Movie Makeup Artist
Can you imagine being able to see your favorite actor or actress and at the same time, put the makeup on that millions of people will see? You become responsible for the way they look in the movies. The celebrity you’re helping will be forevermore grateful for how you make them look fabulous on television and during the movie set.

8. Secret Agent
Becoming a secret agent can be very dangerous and awarding. You’ll need to have a good record with the law and attend a university for it. You must be ready to travel at any given time. You’ll be putting people ahead of what you’re doing. A secret agent works for the government. They investigate criminal violations that’s happened with the law. The secret agent then goes to espionage the case.

7. Model
People look at models and think that it must be easy but it takes a lot of work becoming a wonderful model. You need to always work on making sure your body is healthy and great looking. You have to practice walking and posing. You must maintain a professional attitude at all times. If you choose to become a model, you must also be ready for rejection. The competition is tough and you need to have thick skin and not give up. However, it can be very awarding if you stick to this job and take the right steps. In time you can become a famous model, but it doesn’t happen overnight. 

6. Artist
Many people can color, paint and draw but not good enough to where they can stop their work and become a professional artist for life. If you have a dream for becoming a professional artist then ask for some honest critiques on your work. Really be ready to hear them and see how you can improve what you do. It’s all about improving and getting better so you can get to that point where you can do this as your dream job.

5. Inventor
You first put your entire life on line with inventing something. It can take even years for you to get it done. Next, you produce what you have invented. You get to sit back and enjoy the sales and money coming in. Once this happens then you know you have dominated the area and that you rule because of the invention you made.

4. Politician or President
It takes a lot of strategy to become a politician. If you’re motivated and wish to change the world, becoming a politician is one of the best ways to do it. You need to stay passionate about what you’re doing. Learn how to develop the perfect campaign in order to continue with pursing your dream. Don’t let the competition knock you down. Be ready for insults and still go after what you want to have. Who knows, this could even land you becoming president.

3. Hotel Manager
Imagine being able to own one of those big and beautiful buildings where people come and go all of the time. You can make millions of people happy with the five star hotel. In order for this dream job to become true, it does take some education and lots of experience. If you have a dream for being a hotel manager it usually takes at minimum a bachelor’s degree in business or either hospitality management if you’re looking for trainee management positions.

2. Famous Chef
If you love to cook and bake then maybe you want to become the next Julia Child’s. You can put together your own cookbook and if you’re really good you can have your own cooking show. It can take a lot of work to become famous but if you’re good at cooking then people will be requesting for your food maybe faster then you can prepare it.

1. Actor/Actress
One of the most famous dream jobs is becoming either an actor or actress. If this is burning in you to do, you don’t have to wait for that big role. Just go on YouTube or use social media to become famous. Write your own script and make your own video and upload it. It’s much easier to become famous and get known these days then it was generations ago.

If you find yourself unhappy with your current job, don’t give up. Keep on finding ways as to how you can go after your dream job. You might find that all it takes is a certain amount of required skills you already have. Don’t let anyone talk you out of what you want to do with your life. It can even be anything from becoming a teacher to even being an author. If you have a desire to do this, go after it and don’t stop regardless of what people might say to you. You’re in charge over your life and over your own destiny.