Wherever you are in the world, it is impossible for you not to know that Christmas is already coming. As soon as September, radio stations start to play Christmas jingles, children begin to go from house to house at night to sing Christmas carols, and homes start to look more sparkling because of colorful Christmas lights. As singer Billy Mack once crooned, “I feel it in my fingers; I feel it in my toes. Christmas is all around me, and so the feeling grows.” The festive spirit of Christmas makes it the most anticipated time of the year. This season is not just the season of sharing but also shopping. People know that Christmas is already there when malls and bazaars start to be filled with people who shop for stuff such as clothes, shoes, bags and toys that they can give to their loved ones.  Christmas is also the time of the year when people shop for goods and decors that they can use to beautify their homes during the holidays. As Christmas nears, families from all walks of life start to think of ways on how to decorate their homes so that family members can feel that Christmas is already in the air. Christmas decorations differ from home to home primarily because of budget issues. If budget is never an issue for you and you are willing to spend thousands for your home this season, here is a list of the 10 most expensive Christmas decorations that you can buy today:

10. Golden Christmas Tree

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Christmas trees are among the simplest and most common decorations during the Christmas season. Months or weeks before Christmas, fathers begin to install Christmas trees while their children put on the balls, laces, flowers and lights. This year, Steve Quick Jeweler has introduced a spectacle of a Christmas tree that has 24k solid gold. Unlike the usual Christmas tree, this one weighs 21 kilos and is adorned with pearls and baubles when bought. Today, there is a jewelry store in shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan which puts this elegant Christmas masterpiece on display.

9. Luxury Candle

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Christmas celebrations are never without candles. Some couples celebrate the eve of Christmas over a perfect candle light dinner, while some simply use scented candles to decorate their living rooms. This 2013, a luxury candle has been introduced to make these dinner dates or home decorations extra special. This luxury candle glitters with its bow necklace on it and also contains a total of 38 18-karat diamonds. Another good thing about this candle is that it is planet-friendly and does not do harm to the environment although it is one of the most expensive Christmas decorations listed in this article.

8. Golden Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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Kids love fairytales and one of the most popular among them is the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Because kids love listening to the story of these characters, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in solid gold could be a perfect home decoration this Christmas and one of the most expensive Christmas ornaments as well. This golden item was first introduced by Jeweler Ginza Tanaka and was made out of 1.6 kilos of gold. It also took no less than 15 artisans for this exquisite sculpture to come to life.

7. Stunning Christmas Tree Stand

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Since hundreds of thousands of Christmas trees are installed in households around the world during the Christmas season, some might probably want to make their Christmas trees stand out and not be just like the thousands of their kind. Gold Christmas trees have been a trend these days, but they can never be so stunning enough without a golden Christmas tree stand. This is one of the most expensive Christmas decorations that one can buy during the holidays because it is filled with Swarovski crystals and cost about $14,770.

6. 700 GBP- Christmas Lights

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It is hard to imagine Christmas without Christmas lights. During the season, homes are lighted up at night through a spectacular display of lights. This 2013, a man named Alex Goodhind has introduced Christmas lights that could turn a home into a spectacular display of light. Alex used about 115,000 lights worth 30,000 GBP in creating these lights, so its life is long enough to stay up until morning of the following day. Every Christmas season, these lights consume about 700 GBP so they are very pricey as part of the world’s most expensive Christmas decorations to date.

5. Desktop Christmas Tree

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If decorating a giant Christmas tree for your home is not your cup of tea, you may want to have a cute desktop Christmas tree instead. This item is cute to have as it can bring the spirit of Christmas right to your workplace. Despite its small size, this desktop Christmas tree costs about 1.8 million dollars. What makes this decor that expensive are the 408 diamonds that it is encrusted with, whose value could actually buy four Ferraris which explains why it is cited as one of the most expensive Christmas decorations.

4. 20-Kilo Santa Claus

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During the Christmas season, kids look forward to getting gifts from Santa Claus through the stockings hanging on their doors. Santa is known to bring goodies home as kids sleep at night and one of the most common decorations. Today, Santa is not just the popular gift giver but a home décor as well. This expensive home décor weighs 20 kilos and is made of solid gold. This giant Santa that costs 300 million Japanese yen is manufactured by Ginza Tanaka which is also popular for its Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs sculptures.

3. Christmas Tree Made of Diamonds

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This is one of the top 10 most expensive Christmas decorations, and another Christmas tree that is known to befit royalties is that which contains 21,978 diamonds in it. Aside from these diamonds, this Christmas tree also contains 3,762 crystals and 456 lights. It is six meters tall and weighs 3,215 kilos. Made by Singaporean jeweler Soo Kee, this Christmas tree costs more than a million US dollars.

2. Gold and Diamond Baubles

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Baubles are common home decors during Christmas. But there is one type of Bauble that costs as much as a million and a half. This bauble contains 1500 glittering diamonds and 1800 rubies. The rings surrounding it are also made up of white gold. When you put these baubles in your Christmas tree, yours will be the brightest since it is one of the most expensive Christmas decorations ever.

1. Christmas Tree Ornament Collection

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Buying your favorite movie characters like Star Wars and Toy Story and using them to decorate your Christmas tree can also be a perfect home decoration idea this Christmas. It is worth the price because it is fun for both kids and adults. These movie-inspired Christmas tree ornament collections will also change the way you adorn your Christmas tree which deserves the title of inclusion on this list of expensive Christmas ornaments.