There are lots of myths about redheads and if you’re a redhead you know that’s the truth. I am sure that you get tired of people joking about your red hair and saying to watch out for your temper. A lot of myths about redheads came about during the middle ages and then during each generation it just seems as if more myths evolve around redheads. All of the myths about redheads cause some of the crazy facts about redheads to get lost.

Check out these 10 Fiery Crazy Facts about Redheads

10. Blue Eyes and Red Hair – Rare Combination
One of the most rarest combinations in the world is to have red hair and blue eyes. A lot of redheads generally have either hazel eyes, green or brown eyes. In order to have a child with red hair and blue eyes that means both parents had to pass that on to their child. Only around 1% of the population has blue eyes and red hair, so that goes to show just how rare it is to have that combination. If you have it then you’re very lucky.


9. Bees love redheads
For some reason, bees just love redheads and tend to sting them more than other hair colors. There are still a lot of studies to prove this one as actual fact but some studies do confirm it. One reason as to why bees might sting redheads more is because they need more anesthetic than other colors and some feel that this could be the cause for bees to go after redheads.


8. The Redheaded Population Might Decline But Not Become Extinct
The National Geographic has stated that the redheaded population in time could decline because of the fact that redheads are still so rare. However, they also state that just because redheads might decline does not mean they will become extinct and the reason why is because there will more than likely always be the gene around to make red hair a possibility.


7. A lot of redheads tend to be left handed
In order for a child to be a redhead they need to inherit the gene from one of the parents. Red hair is a recessive trait and for some reason, a person who has red hair has a higher chance of being left handed than other hair colors and part of that all has to do with the recessive traits that it takes with inheriting red hair.


6. Redheaded People Have Fewer Hairs than Others
Redheaded people for some reason don’t have as many hairs on them compared to other people. The concept is called hair density and the reason why is because red hair is not as dense as blonde, brown or black hair. Some of this could be due to how the sunlight is absorbed on the scalp. One myth from this is that redheads don’t have a lot of hair from always pulling out their hair when they are angry.


5. Greeks Believed Redheads Were Actually Vampires
The ancient Greeks thought that whenever a redhead would die they would turn into a vampire. I don’t know if you remember the episode in South Park were Cartman tries to stir up some fear about redheads and compares redheads to vampires and says that the color red is associated with blood and that’s why redheads are vampires. However, Cartman was just retelling the story of what the Ancient Greeks believed about them.


4. Redheads Tend To Be Sensitive To Pain More Than Others
Redheads need more anesthesia than others because they tend to be a lot more sensitive to pain. They are also more sensitive to hot and cold sensations than others. One of the reasons as to why red heads can be more sensitive to pain is because the MC1R gene can occur with red heads which is a receptor for perceiving a lot of pain. Due to how much pain they experience redheads tend to put off going to the dentist or to see their doctor.


3. Redheads are at risk of developing Parkinson’s disease or skin cancer
Studies show that people who have red hair have a higher chance and at risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. The ones who have black hair or a darker hair color might not be at such a high risk as red heads. One of the reasons as to why redheads might develop Parkinson’s disease is because of their hair being lighter than most others. Redheads also tend to have sunburns more often due to their pale complexion and that also puts them at risk for possible skin cancer if protection is not used.


2. During the Witch Hunts Women Were Burned For Red Hair
During the time of the witch hunts around sixteenth and in the seventeenth centuries that took place in Europe, a lot of the women who were burned as witches had red hair. They thought that red hair was unclean and evil. A woman who had dark hair had a better chance of getting out of being burned at the stake than a woman with red hair.


1. Redheads Don’t Grey
One advantage with redheads is that redheads never grey. Red hair is a very natural pigment and will last for a very long time compared to other hair colors. The only thing red heads have to worry about is that red hair might simply fade some as they age and possibly turn into either a rosy blonde color or possibly a copper faded color.


Bonus Fact:
Romans would mark redhead slaves at a much higher price. Back in the Roman days of when they would sale their slaves, they would esteem redheaded slaves and mark them up at a higher price. Sometimes slaves would also wear red wigs imported from Europe so they could be sold at a higher price. Prisoners sometimes would even dye their hair red so their head could be displayed on their trophies.

There have been plenty of famous red headed actresses in history such as Lucille Ball, Karen Gillan, Reba McEntire and Scarlett Pomers. They didn’t let their red hair stop them from chasing after their dreams and neither should you. Just remember, most of the things you hear about red heads tend to be myths and not actual facts.