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Top 10 Unfulfilled New Year’s Resolutions

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Dec 30th 2013 - Comments Off

It has long been a tradition that every New Year, people make resolutions. A New Year’s resolution is a promise that a person makes to himself to start doing something good or refrain from doing something bad on the first day of the year as he or she endeavors to become better. Based on history, about a quarter of adults in the United States formed their own New Year’s resolutions after the Great Depression. Since then, people have learned to make it an annual tradition. In fact, by the beginning of the 21st century, about 40% of people around the world already know how to form or list down their own resolutions.  Ever since people began to make resolutions as they welcome the beginning of every year, a number of resolutions have become people’s favorites. Among the most common resolutions that people make every New Year are to become more charitable by donating to the poor, to become more assertive, or to become more environment-friendly. Other popular resolutions also include improving physical well-being by eating healthier food, losing weight, exercising more often, eating better, drinking less alcohol, quitting smoking, avoiding nail biting and getting rid of old bad habits. While some people focus on making resolutions that have something to do with their health, some make resolutions that have to do with improving their finances such as getting out of debt, saving money or making small investments. Making resolutions can be very exciting, but in reality, not all people are capable of fulfilling all their resolutions. Just a few weeks or months after the beginning of the year, most people tend to break their promises to themselves by doing things that fly in the face of their goals. Here is a list of 10 New Year’s resolutions that people normally fail to fulfill:

Top 10 Things Spent on a Paycheck

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Nov 27th 2013 - Comments Off

paycheck gives to a person is immeasurable, not only because of the stuff itself but because of the sense of fulfillment that it gives to the buyer. Knowing that you got the thing that you love out of your own money gives a different kind of feeling because you know that it was you who worked hard for that money. Even during the world recession, statistics shows that people’s love for buying expensive stuff has remained unchanged. During payday, people go to malls to buy stuff for themselves, for their homes, or for the people they love. On the other hand, those who do not love going to malls simply sit in front of their laptops to go and buy some stuff online. A study that was once conducted by BIG Research showed that there are certain things in life that people just cannot live without, and they can go as far as spending the last centavo in their pockets just to get those things. Here is a list of the top 10 products and services that people cannot afford not to spend their money for:

10 Unknown Facts About Diabetes

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Nov 11th 2013 - Comments Off

Diabetes Miletus, more commonly known as Diabetes, is a condition characterized by higher than normal blood sugar levels. This condition has many causes, but two of the most common are the inability of the pancreas to produce sufficient insulin in the bloodstream and the inability of the cells to respond to the insulin in the blood. Though it is one of the most common diseases today, several interesting facts about diabetes remain unknown to many people. According to studies, most people who are 40 years of age and above suffer from this disease. Because of this, many people are interested to know more about the little known facts about diabetes, especially those that have something to do with its causes and treatments. Most of the unknown facts about diabetes are useful in detecting the disease and treating it while it is still in its early stages. A person that has been diagnosed with this disease cannot just neglect the condition because it is known to lead to several complications that can eventually lead to death. Like many other diseases, it can be more easily treated and prevented if one is familiar with its signs. Knowledge about this condition helps diabetics deal with the disease straightforwardly and prevent it from getting worse.  Here is a list of ten interesting facts for diabetics:

Top 10 Unknown Mental Disorders

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Oct 23rd 2013 - Comments Off

Mental disorders are mental patterns or anomalies that often result in distress or disability. Specialists usually identify mental disorders based on a combination of a person’s feelings, actions, thoughts, and perceptions. Often, such disorders are associated with particular regions of the brain that perform specific functions. Based on several studies conducted in the past, there is a certain continuum between mental health and mental illness, and more than a third of people around the world go through at least one mental disorder once in his life. Causes of mental disorders differ from one person to another, and so are treated differently. In fact, science maintains that mental health conditions vary across cultures and that these conditions affect one’s social being in one way or another. Psychiatric hospitals treat patients with mental disorders based on the root cause of the disorder, though most of them are carried out through simple methods such as observation and questioning. Most of the mental disorders known today have known methods of treatment, but there are also some that remain incurable. That explains why many health institutions today include prevention in the mental health strategies that they provide to their patients. Here is a list of the top 10 unknown mental disorders today:

10 Best Ways to Cook Eggs

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Sep 18th 2013 - Comments Off

People usually just think there are two or maximum or three ways to cook their eggs. There are actually more than a dozen ways to cook eggs. Common ways include frying, poaching and boiling. However, there are more ways to cook them. You can even bake and incorporate eggs into many different types of cooking. Depending on the occasion or the meal of the day, many people do not realize the fun and interesting ways to make meals based one eggs. This type of food serves as excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Knowing how to cook them in different ways can help encourage regular consumption. Consistent supply of protein, vitamins and mineral is excellent for the body. It helps support bodily functions. It will be best to check the recommended consumption of protein foods like eggs. If there aren’t any problems then learning unique ways to prepare them should be worthwhile. They can even impress guests, family and friends who will come over to eat. Find out below the unique and best ways to cook eggs.

Top 10 Symptoms of Stroke

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Sep 10th 2013 - Comments Off

A stroke is a medical condition characterized by a serious reduction in blood flowing towards the brain caused by bleeding of blood clots. Strokes are considered as medical emergencies. Most medical professionals would agree that the faster a stroke patient gets the appropriate treatment, the less brain tissues can be potentially damaged. Eight out of ten cases of strokes are brought about by blood clots. These cases are called ischemic strokes. The other cases are caused by excessive bleeding in the brain and they are called hemorrhagic strokes. It is vital to know the early indications of a stroke. Here is a list that may help you determine if you or a friend is having a stroke. Nonetheless, this list should not supersede a medical professional’s assessment. This is solely meant to emphasize some essential indications that cannot be overlooked and taken for granted. For all types of symptoms, it would always be best to check with with your doctor, and look for medical attention as fast as you can. Here are symptoms of stroke that should not be ignored.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Viruses of All Time

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Sep 3rd 2013 - Comments Off

A virus is a minute life form that can cause mild to brutal diseases in plants, animals, and humans. Examples of illnesses caused by viruses include something as simple as a cold to more complex and menacing such as AIDS. This is how small a virus is: Each virus is over a hundred times tinier than a germ cell while the germ cell is over ten times smaller than a single human cell. A human cell is ten times tinier than the width of your hair. Viruses are actually both alive and not alive. They do not have the capability to develop and reproduce by themselves. They have to penetrate an animal or human cell and invade the cell in order to reproduce. They can also invade and bacterial cells. They do not possess the proper physical properties required to continue to exist. They need host cells in order to breed and multiply. They can enter potential hosts from the surroundings or other hosts through openings in the skin such as the mouth, nose, and any types of break in the skin such as wounds. Viruses have done tremendous damages to human society and here is a list of the top ten most dangerous viruses of all time.

Top 10 Unhealthy Food Content to Avoid

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Jul 22nd 2013 - Comments Off

We are living in the fast pacing world where everything must be done and accomplished in the quickest manner. Everyone is busy in their commitments at work, home, school, and other personal things. Life these days become tougher because of unstable economic flows. The cost of living is getting expensive even if you are living in the most affordable cities in the world. Getting a good life requires hardwork and time. This is the reason why there contemporary options for the busiest people in the world. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is in question in exchange of convenience and time that could be allotted in other things. We rarely see people eat the healthiest meals other than conservative and family-oriented types of individuals who still keep inherited traditions at home. Instead of consuming time in preparing freshest food in 30 minutes to 1 hour, some prefer to drop at nearby fast food chains or call deliveries since time these days is indeed valuable. Hence, before you continue doing the patterns and modern way of feeding yourself through instant meals, find time to read these proven information about the top 10 unhealthy food content to avoid that one should avoid.

10 Scary Video Game Urban Legends

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Jun 14th 2013 - Comments Off

The game world is increasingly becoming popular with more and more fans being initiated in to the circle. Video games have come and gone especially the really scary ones and other games have emerged yet something remains the same. The fun loyalty base still remains unbroken. It is a community with real fans or better still “addicts” of video games. Amazingly they have their own verbal and sign language, their own rules and definitely their very own legends. You would be surprised how loyal these forks are and how many hours a day they spend standing in front of computers, glued to a game. Let’s look at the top ten scary game urban legend of this era:

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Cigarette Smoking

by Rhodora Dagatan - on May 27th 2013 - Comments Off

Cigarette Smoking is one of the vices or habits of people who became indulged with its abuse, wherein they find themselves fighting, whether quitting or staying on this practice or obsession. In fact, there are several who have tried, but they found themselves yearning for more. Just like any other bad habits that affect our lifestyle, people around us, and of course ourselves, there are things that one should know in order to be motivated and inspired to shun away negative routines. The World No-Tobacco Day is set to be celebrated and supported on May 31. This is a universal call to everyone to step-up and makes a decision to save our loved ones from the ill effects of smoking, and most especially, the threats that it poses to our life and health. There are few who have realized it at the later part of their life, but there are some who are not yet open to total cessation because of the addictive effects of it in their life. As we try to forewarn them, let’s share these top 10 interesting facts about Cigarette Smoking, and how you can save one soul.