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The Top 10 Most Intelligent People in the World

by bisky - on Mar 9th 2014 - Comments Off

Intelligence – usually measured by the IQ level of a person, comes in many forms and shapes. For some it is about having an imperishable memory, for others it is about how much a mind can handle complexities. Some weigh intelligence on the basis of IQ, others on the basis of achievements. Then there are child geniuses who are just born that way, while some people develop this talent as they advance in life. Also, history has had its share of great minds but for now here’s a list providing you with the top 10 most intelligent people of the world that are alive today based on their achievements.

10 Best Super Bowl Ads of All Time

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Feb 11th 2014 - Comments Off

The annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), the Super Bowl is one of the most talked about sports events in the United States that sports enthusiasts look forward to every year. Baltimore Ravens may have emerged as champion in the Super Bowl XLVII, but talks about the XLVII still remain hot because of the crop of Super Bowl commercials that were released throughout the duration of the season which annoyed, intrigued, touched and even made viewers chuckle off their feet. Aside from sports teams competing against each other for the title, what makes Super Bowl a whale of a battlefield in itself are the advertisers fighting for the attention and pockets of consumers through their winning commercials. Because of the brilliance of the advertisements shown during the past season, 2013 only proved that no battle was fiercer and no competition was more extreme than that of companies trying to leave the best mark in the consciousness of their viewers. Here is a list of the 10 best Super Bowl Ads last year:

Top 10 Holocaust Documentaries

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By definition, the Holocaust or Shoah refers to the mass murder of around six million Jews during the reign of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. During this period in history, around a third of the nine million Jews residing in Europe were killed, including children. There were more than 40,000 facilities that were set up in Germany and other territories to facilitate the killing of Jews, which took place during the World War II. The systematic mass murder was sponsored by Nazi Germany and did not spare people with disabilities, Soviet prisoners of war, homosexuals and Polish and Soviet civilians. Over and above the six million Jews that were killed during the Holocaust, there were about ten to eleven million more prisoners that were intentionally killed by the regime. All the persecutions were carried out in stages and were performed in concentration camps or guarded ghettos where the Nazis subjected prisoners to slave labor and waited for them to die either of disease or exhaustion. Mass shootings and murders in gas chambers were also carried out by the Nazi regime after Germany had conquered new territories in Eastern Europe. Here is a list of the top 10 Holocaust documentaries ever made in history:

Top 10 Great Freethinkers

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Feb 4th 2014 - Comments Off

During the 17th century, “free thought” started to become popular throughout England as more people learned to stand up against established truths or dogmas. This philosophical view is entirely based on reason, logic and empiricism and not authority or tradition. It holds that people should not readily accept proposed truths if they are not based on knowledge or reason. Known as freethinkers, practitioners of free thought strived to anchor their opinions on facts, logical principles and scientific inquiry and got away from such things as popular culture, fallacies, confirmation bias, conventional wisdom or urban legend. Aside from existing knowledge pertaining to the sciences, freethinkers also questioned religion, saying that no sufficient evidence supports the existence of supernatural phenomena. Here is a list of 10 of the greatest freethinkers in history:

Top 10 Most Controversial Grammy Award Moments

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Jan 31st 2014 - Comments Off

Grammy Awards originated in the Hollywood Walk of Fame during the 1950’s. Back then, the committee for Walk of Fame thought that there were so many people in the music business who deserved to be recognized because of their leadership in the industry but were unable to earn stars on Hollywood Boulevard. Because of this realization, the group decided to create an award intended to recognize the brightest stars in the industry, just like Oscars and the Emmys. The first ever Grammy Awards ceremony was staged in 1959 to recognize the musical accomplishments of performers for the year 1958. In 2011, the Grammy Awards was overhauled to recognize more artists by augmenting the number of categories. Today, this award-giving body is one of the most prestigious in Hollywood, recognizing outstanding achievements of the brightest stars in the music industry. Through the years, Grammy has grown to become one of the most controversial ceremonies in Hollywood. People look forward to it every year because it is always jam-packed with action and controversies, from downright bashing and beating to crazy apparels. Here is a list of the 10 most controversial moments in the history of Grammy Awards:

Top 10 Celebrity Hunks 2014

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Jan 23rd 2014 - Comments Off

There is something about celebrities that fascinate people to the core. According to psychologists, celebrities are like drugs of the modern society, putting fans under spell through their looks, physique, or talents. Even when people know that these celebrities are just playing roles in television series or movies, they are emotionally impacted by them to the point that they cry when they cry and laugh when they laugh. Some people are so in love with these celebrities that they try to imitate them in every possible way—from the way they dress up, the way they style their way, and the way they talk. Because of this, it has been a trend for famous brands to get the hottest actors and athletes of their time as their brand ambassadors. In the actual world, female fanatics outnumber their male counterparts. They are more aggressive and spend a lot of time and effort following their idols and knowing more about their personal lives. So, here is a list of the 10 hottest hunks to watch out for this 2014:

10 Epic Fail Predictions of 2013

by Rhodora Dagatan - on Jan 16th 2014 - Comments Off

Every start of the year, astrologers and economists make predictions to guide individuals, communities, and nations. Most of us seek these predictions so we can have an idea of how the year is going to be and so we can at least prepare ourselves for whatever is in store for us. However, it is not always a good thing to rely on them, primarily because they are just predictions, not reality. Just because somebody foretold that something is going to happen does not necessarily mean that it is really going to happen. In fact, many of the predictions told in the past remain unfulfilled up to this day. Here are the 10 epic fail predictions of 2013 which should help us learn to understand that predictions are not always true.

10 Epic Fail Songs of 2013

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Everybody loves music. Through the years, thousands of recording artists have been known for producing hits that do not only dominate music charts of different countries from across the globe but also leave a mark in the consciousness of their listeners. Every year, thousands of tracks are produced to entertain listeners. Music lovers appreciate songs either because of their lyrics or melody, while some appreciate songs because of the artists behind them. There are songs that people cannot stop themselves from playing over and over again and there are songs that only take a few seconds to be played for listeners to dislike them. In 2013, a broad range of songs were released by some of the biggest figures in the music business—from pop, reggae, hip hop, soul, R&B and a lot more. While most of them were able to hit the mark and become a critical and commercial success, some of them failed to make it. Here is a list of top 10 epic fail songs of 2013:

10 Biggest Flop Movies of 2013

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When people visit movie houses to watch movies, it only takes them about two to three hours to finish a movie. What most movie goers do not know is that it takes millions of money and buckets of sweat and blood to come up with a good production. The process of making a film, also referred to as filmmaking or film production, involves several discrete stages. From the development of the initial story, idea or commission to scriptwriting, casting, shooting, editing and screening, every person involved in a certain production dedicates much of his time and effort to fulfill his duties prior to film release. In most movies, filmmaking takes place in a variety of places around the world and makes use of a broad selection of tehnologies and cinematic techniques. Behind ever film production is a large number of people who work in every phase of the production process, from the development stage where the screenplay is written and the budget is sought and obtained, up to the distribution stage where the finished film is already up for distribution and screening in cinemas. It takes months or years to finish a production, and every stage in the development process involves spending thousands to millions of money. Unfortunately, not all movies sell as much as the others and suffer from losing millions in the box office. Here is a list of the 10 biggest flop movies of 2013:

Top 10 Most Controversial Music Videos of All Time

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Both television and the internet feature a hodgepodge of videos advertised and uploaded by millions of individuals and organizations around the world. It is through the media that people get to watch a broad range of user-generated amateur video blogs, short original videos and educational videos, as well as video content such as video clips, television clips and music videos. Since video sharing sites like YouTube were launched, several artists were able to rise to fame after gaining much attention from the public. Though most of the videos that can be watched on music television shows and the internet are featured by individuals, there are also several media corporations such as CBS, BBC, Vevo and Hulu that offer some of their materials through the said media. Music television shows and video sharing sites that feature music videos of different artists have been so popular among television watchers and internet users as millions of people around the world are naturally music lovers. The popularity of these sites and shows even heightened as they launched their own weekly charts, which track the popularity of music videos that they feature. Since then, the popularity of music videos on video sharing sites like YouTube and music television shows has caused much influence in the position of songs on charts. And as far as one can tell, it seems that most artists today use controversial music videos as a way of inciting curiosity in their singles and in gaining more attention from the public. Here is a list of the 10 most controversial music videos of all time: